Week Two Update.

Hey guys!

So, week two. I’m currently on 20,535 words, (the word goal for the end of today is 23,338 *gulp*) and I haven’t done any writing today, then again, it’s only 9:20 as I type this. Because yes, I’m typing this straight up instead of handwriting it first. I’m going to be out in town later, and for longer than normal because I have an eye test at 3:40 – and we’d normally be home around that time. Ish. So I think today might be a struggle. Yesterday was, I just wasn’t feeling the words much. And it wasn’t even like I was struggling to get on with the pen that I was using (because that’s what happened a few days ago – the words were flowing but the pen wasn’t.)

I’m hoping that once I finish typing this, I’ll be able to stop myself getting distracted long enough to get some words done so it’s less to do later. I’m doing at least 1,000 words a day – most of the time I do at least 1,200 if I’m not doing the 1,700 words I aim for. Then, when I’m a bit behind, I have a fairly good catch up day – I never get completely caught up, but I get it so I’m only a couple of hundred words behind, which I think is alright.

The other day actually, my NaNo story hit 100 pages of A4 paper 😀 Well, 50 A4 sheets, written on both sides (which is not something I normally do). The stack of paper in the folder I’m using is both a) colourful, because I use a different pen / fountain pen every day and b) impressive. Even if it’s just impressive to just me. I’m really quite proud of myself. I mean, 100 sides, and 20,000 words? All handwritten? In 13 days? WOOHOO!

Not that it’ll ever see the light of day / the public but hey ho! I only write for me after all. I mean, I don’t see myself typing this year’s NaNo up at any point. I hate typing up, it takes too long and I’m not patient enough really.

Erm. Other than that, life’s pretty… Slow, really, but hey. It’s still not too bad. Could always be much worse.

I was thinking about doing a couple of posts after November – like, my Fountain Pen collection, or my Field Notes collection or something. What do you guys think? Is there something else you want to see? (And I’m aware that I said I’d do a Filofax post, but that might have to wait until after Christmas…)

To those who’re doing NaNo – keep going, I’m cheering you on!

Until next week guys,



Word count: 435 words.



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  1. Pen

    Writing supplies make writing even more fun!

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