The Write Stuff

Continuing with a previous theme, I’ve not been feeling the NaNoWriMo spirit at all. I tried, but I can’t write. There’s no motivation. Why? Heck, I don’t know.

When it comes to writing, I enjoy breaking away from a routine to do it, as opposed to working it into a routine. Procrastination runs wild when you try to force yourself to write, as writing is something you’re supposed to enjoy when it comes to writing a novel, and not feel compelled to do.

How about you lot? Do you ever sit on the fence and fall into periods where writing feels more like compulsion than a hobby?


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  1. Pen

    It’s pretty horrible but I mostly get the urge to write when I have other stuff to do. I read some antiprocrastination thing and it said if you want to be motivated to write you can make up a list of other things you should be doing (make sure they aren’t actually urgent! XD) and trick yourself into thinking you’re procrastinating by writing.

    I’m not doing nano this year. When I don’t feel like writing I usually read instead. Reading or watching something with an amazing storyline usually brings back my motivation!

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