Week Three, Fangirling, and OCD.

Hiya folks!

(Yes, I am typing this up instead of handwriting it first and I’m going to continue doing this until I hit the 50,000 words, or NaNo ends, whichever comes first, so apologies for the possible roughness.)

Here we are again, week three! I’m actually on track too. I have a 300 word lead or so, which is a small start but it’s nice.

Oh! Random tangent. I often type this post while listening to my favourite podcast in the entire world; The Pen Addict hosted by 70 Decibels, and it’s free on iTunes. Go and download and listen, it’s awesome. But, the hosts are total enablers, so be prepared to be a bit poorer and/or have a massive wishlist after each episode. So yeah, there’s me, staring at this screen, listening to my podcast (episode 30 for those who want to know) and I get mentioned. Probably the biggest fangirl moment ever. Even bigger then when I a) found Sylvanas in Forbidden Planet, b) won the Bureau Direct £20 voucher and c) won the Game World of Warcraft competition. That’ll keep me mentally high for the rest of the day at least.

Anyway. NaNoWriMo. Yeah. I’m doing alright. 33,613 words, and I should have 35,007 words by the end of the day. At least 35,007 anyway. We’ll see how that goes. I’m so determined to win this thing by hand. I’m really rather stubborn so it’s kinda… Something I just HAVE to do, y’know?

I think I’ll continue writing on A4, by hand, even after NaNo’s over, but I’ll probably drop the word count goal down to 1,000 or something so I don’t get too burnt out. Or… I don’t know. I do have a notebook on the go that I started not long before NaNo started, so I should finish that first. Or just knock up another one of my charts to say how many A4 sheets I’ve written that day.

Oh, let me explain. For those that don’t know, I have a chart stuck to my desk with my notebook writing details and stuff on it. I have a “get through a notebook a month” thing going on, so this ‘spreadsheet’ has columns for: notebook number, the number of words written in that notebook, the number of themes/prompts* and then any other notes. At the top of this spreadsheet, there’s also a little box for me to record how many pens I’ve thrown away over the course of writing. I’m slightly obsessive about my record keeping this way.

*Prompts – I have a book called “The Writer’s Book of Days” and it had a prompt for every day of the year and a handful of extras. I’m working my way through those as I see fit and as I need them. I think I’m slowly venturing away from those now, which is good. Or, I pick one and incorporate it in such a loose way it shouldn’t really count. But oh well. Words are words!

Speaking of words… I should really get on with it instead of sitting here and typing / chatting to you folks.

Seeya next week!

Danni x

PS: Also, according to WordPress, this is my 60th post. Woo! Might do something huge and picture filled if / when I hit 100. Am open to requests for that one!

Blog post word count: 544 words.



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8 responses to “Week Three, Fangirling, and OCD.

  1. Pen

    Woah! What did they mention about you?

    • kenounirenashin

      I recommended a retailer, so I got a shoutout for that and a mention that I’m a big fan. And listening to one of the try and pronounce my username was hilarious XD But still *squeal*

  2. Pen

    And also congrats on keeping up with word count! 😀

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