Rule Six

“You are responsible for your own experiences… Nobody can tell you what you are doing is good, meaningful, or worthwhile.” Hugh MacLeod

This post is going to be longer than the previous ones. I have been working on some lyrics for a song someone is going to make, and then, we just need to find a singer that fits and is prepared to work with us too. This will be the theme song for the PC game me and some others are working on. So no pressure. Ha. The lyrics are still a work in progress too. And it is not finished really. It’s on here because it is a different part of writing. Here it is anyway:

Child’s Game

Those of us hear an alarm

The beauty rings, truth behold

There are no lies, only the life of mind

In case of those without a time

There are always those stories that always unwind

Instead of dreams and magic

We are given death, disease and deceit

Live within your own spirit

Care for those as you would want to live

Play with bills, rent and post that hates

For you are your own enemy

Now let it begin

Where is my childhood

All those dreams falling

Scratch all those dreamers, telling me to have fun

I have to laugh at them

As they are failing

But look at me, I’m calling:

This child’s game they all played

It’s a single grave, an idea unworthy of tasting

None of them worry

Their wanderlust is grasped

But I never understood

How could they be so vast

They are happy, but have nothing left

How did they grow up to be like this?

I never played like them

Was I meant to get all of it?

Children in the school ground done things I never understood

I picked up my boy, almost like me

He never really changed

I was starting to wonder if I was to blame

Though the lyrics don’t fit in with the story of the present, they are still summing up the siblings the game is centered on. They had to grow up faster than most because their parents were taken, and killed, and the siblings are not sure how to relate to children in many ways because of this, especially Adam and Ali, the oldest. Their hand at life forced them to be responsible at younger ages. Which is both a blessing and curse. But isn’t everything!

Here is a short story (for free might I add). Some might recognise this from being on here a while ago:

Here is the Silver Cathedral

Hope you all have a great week



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