Hi guys!

So, NaNo’s finally over. And… I won! By hand! Hell to the yeah! I finished on the 29th and validated – and then I added an extra couple of hundred words on the 30th. I’m still attempting to add a little bit more onto it here and there – I mean, I still want to write it (which is definitely a good thing! Especially considering the fact that my story isn’t actually finished…)

However, it does mean that I’m sorta neglecting my whole “notebook a month” project thing. But, I’m six notebooks ahead of myself so… Not doing too badly. Then again, because I’m not using A5 paper for my NaNo 2012 Project – I’m using A4 for it, so now I’m wanting to use A4 paper for EVERYTHING. Which sucks, because about 95% of my notebooks are A5. I mean… Damn. Right? Oh well. I’m sure that I’ll snap out of it eventually.

I did take some pictures though; one of the stack of paper I got through (written on both sides too!) and of my two pen pots. I had one pen pot for the fountain pens I used during the beginning of the month, and one for all the gel pens and ballpoints and whatnot that I used for the rest of the month, when I had to switch to cheaper paper that I had lying around. That cheaper paper made my fountain pens feather and bleed like a bitch. Bleh.

Anyway. I posted the photos on Tumblr, so I’ll just link to them in a minute. It save me having to upload them on here and stops me from using up all the storage space we get on WordPress. Here we go:
~ Stack of paper.
~ Fountain pen pot.
~ Other pen pot.

And, here is my NaNoWriMo profile page so you can see my final word count, as of the end of November. I might do another slight update on it at the end of the month, or something. We’ll see how much work I do on that story. (As a side note, I really should make a list of all the blog posts that I say that I’m going to do. Hmn…)

So um.. Yeah! I’m really rather proud of myself. I’ve just got to finish the story now. I really will try and keep you updated on that.

Until next time guys,

Danni x

PS: Lil’s WWW thing is an awesome idea. I might borrow that next week.

Blog post word count: 410 words.


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