Rule Eight and an Explanation of a HSP

“Keep your day job.” Hugh MacLeod

Today I am going to talk about another part of myself I discovered some time ago: I’m a HSP.

HSP is just an abbreviation for ‘highly sensitive person’. That’s all.

Highly sensitive people make up about fifteen to twenty percent of the world. Some people confuse us with being shy, or being introverted. But there are some aspects that HSP has that introversion doesn’t. So you could say it is taken a step further (one giant step, that is) in a way.

HSP has only been truly recognised in the last ten to eleven years. So it is still relatively new. It is not a surprise if people reading this have not heard about it yet.

Beware that sensitive and highly sensitive people are actually very different. A HSP is not just emotional, they experience life in a completely different way. Yes, they think inwards, and have a good personal life with themselves. But we also look deep into things, which makes us slow thinkers to the outside eye. Makes sense why I can never think on my feet then!

We are sensitive emotionally, of course — but also spiritually. Which explains why I am the kind of writer I am. And why I am so exited about seeing the ‘Life of Pi’ film: Random. With being emotional we empathise with people very easily, and for some, it has become a problem with not knowing how to turn that off and set boundaries for themselves. Which can be dangerous. Some people don’t see how easy it is to get pulled into someone else’s troubles.

We’re usually shy because we feel odd, don’t fit in, and often feel like we belong on a different planet. That pretty much sums me up on a daily basis.

HSP’s react more strongly to others (in either a positive or negative way), and thinking deeper can also burden us with going to ‘if’ and ‘but’ places that focus on failures and faults at times. There are a lot of us that are perfectionists; we pay attention to a lot of detail, and can become overwhelmed by that at times. However, we also look deep into nature’s and art’s beauty because of our ability to dig. Which usually makes us more of the creative type.

It is said a lot more highly sensitive people are compassionate, but not all of them are. And we are all supposedly intuitive. We have a strong sense of justice, idealism, and are mostly reliable and hard working people.

Some more bad points include the frequent need to withdraw, becoming startled easy. Support stress and hectic times only with more difficulty, and the feeling to be less tolerant to stress too.

But then you have even more positive traits like:

Having great potential in recognizing and avoiding mistakes or errors

Conscientiousness and ethics

Above-average ability to concentrate

Marked ability to recognize little differences

Being very critical of one’s own work. Pointing out mistakes people would probably never notice if he/she did not say anything.

Lifelong ability to learn from a strong hunger of curiosity

Strong influence by stimulations and emotions of others ( with both positive as well as negative)

Good listener, usually patient

Right half brain thinker. That means less straight forward thinking, and more abstract creative and synthesizing imagining.

BUT — each individual is different. I’ve read there are even some that can read the kind of person someone is by meeting them only once and noticing how they communicate from their body language and how they interact. Now that’s just weird.

HSP’s are mostly famous for being incredibly aware of their environment: With sound, what’s going on, etcetera, etcetera.

It is said that there is no more dyslexic people than non dyslexics, that are highly sensitive people. Though it has been explored that dyslexics (when they are a HSP), use their sensitive natures to communicate, express and see in other forms — because of their lack of language knowledge earlier on in life. Like for example: Drawing and art. And seeing the physical outcome of someones actions by looking at how they communicate; not by their language of words — but their body language.

Anyway, hope that gives some help to those (HSPs’ and non highly sensitive people) out there. I’m turning more in to a freak every day. But hey, it’s a journey of self discovery. Both good and bad always come from exploring.

Silver Cathedral

Hope you all have a great week folks. Stay strong.

Your HSP blogger here:

Jon x



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2 responses to “Rule Eight and an Explanation of a HSP

  1. denmarkguy

    Freaks we may be, but we’re becoming more and more mainstream every day! I first read Elaine Aron’s book about high sensitivity in 1997… there is SO much more awareness today. On the whole, I find the good outweighs the bad… by a pretty wide margin… once you accept that you’re simply “wired this way.” Thanks for writing this post!

  2. jtotheptothe

    I agree. We do have a lot more gifts that outweigh the bad from being wired this way! I have that book on my ‘to read’ list still. Looking forward to it. And it was my pleasure for writing this post. I really enjoyed doing it. Really nice to hear from another HSP.

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