Christmas is coming…

The goose is getting fat! Apparently.

So, hello, how are we all? Suitably festive, I hope?

Since my last blog I have actually finished reading Toby’s Room and Dancing With Mrs Dalloway too, which I now realise is quite fast! I haven’t started reading anything else yet as I only finished Toby’s Room at about 12 midnight. I didn’t think it was as good as some of Barker’s other books, but also felt I would have benefitted if I had realised how much of a companion book it was to Life Class. I went into it assuming there were going to be a few of the same characters but I soon realised how much I had forgotten about Life Class. I may have to re-read it at some time to remind myself!

I haven’t done much writing recently, apart from random scribbles on notes at work, though sometimes this leads to some good things. Here’s hoping.

Next week I may revive the Christmas stories from last year, so that I don’t have to think of anything too hard just before the exciting times begin.

No progress has been made with the master’s application, just in case anyone was wondering. I will get onto it very soon!!

That’s all for now,



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