Rule Nine and How I Use Fictional Names

“Companies that squelch creativity can no longer compete with companies that champion creativity… Creating an economically viable entity where lack of original thought is handsomely rewarded creates a rich, fertile environment for parasites to breed.” Hugh MacLeod

I was asked a while ago why the only person that I named by their first and last was the antagonist(s) in my stories. It is actually quite simple. I was aware that I done this. It’s merely because (I think) last names never compliment the first. My antagonists seems to be the only ones which (differs) in my opinion though.

My antagonist, Calibre Drake, was taken from the word ‘calibre’, that is said to be by ‘Quality: a degree or grade of excellence or worth used for excellence.’ This is explained why he is this way in the second book compared to the other spell-casters. The word ‘Drake’,  is another name for dragon. I also have an antagonist called Elgora Sin. Which doesn’t sound that great, so I’m expecting to change it in January.

So, Calibre Drake is really called ‘quality dragon.’ Not one of those dragons from ‘Dragon’s Den’ though lol

I could go all technical on you and tell you that ‘Draconis’ (the dragon constellation) is a Thuban star that was in fact in the North Pole. It was first seen in 3000 BC because some of the Egyptian pyramids pointed north — towards it. But then, I’m assuming, that stuff would bore you. So I’ll not go into too much detail. I did pick up reading a stars, constellations and planets book this morning, which is Sunday (for some random reason). I bought it when I was last with our very own Lil Gill on here.

I’ve found many inspirational ideas from constellations and stars: I’m not going to lie. Looking up to them at night makes me feel small, but very grateful for those moments to be alive. Especially when I used to go camping in Devon, and the night sky would radiate like a beautiful portrait: I imagine every single one them has a story, both alone, and as constellations.

Moving on. I have not named the priests of Amaranth (just calling them a ‘Priest’), because their identity is their religion and what they must do for it: That is the ultimate sacrifice for their favored power.

I do have this thing for just saying ‘king’ or ‘queen’ or ‘mother’ or ‘dad’ usually. To begin with, I did name minor characters. But I have ingrained a very important rule in my mind for storytelling (which makes it easier for me): Every name I mention has a point to the story. Whether it is in the current story arc, or another.

I just think it works from my point of view. So I’ll stick with keeping it that way. It’s all about finding YOUR voice and traditions at the end of the day.

Also, I might as well say it this week: I will not be posting for the entire month of January next year (2013). Need to go back to super editing mode. It will be tough. But this time, I’ll make it worth it. Last year I learned a lot within less than two months. Which makes this year a little easier for me. I went in pretty much blind last time.

Silver Cathedral

All the best

Jon x


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