The Plan

At one point during my weekly Friday adventure into the outside world, I found myself in a library today. I have a lot of happy childhood memories that exist within the confines of various libraries, which should be no surprise to any of you. Lately due to a combination of mundanity and minor health issues I’ve done a shockingly small amount of reading for pleasure, but no more! I’ve decided enough is enough and I’m setting a target for myself for next year, which starts now. I’ll be reporting here as well, so you can all mock me when I fail.

Essentially, I’ve decided to read a book a week. A book every fortnight would leave me doing it the last moment and make it feel like a chore, something I don’t want reading to be – because it shouldn’t be, not for pleasure anyway. I’m starting with Yahtzee Croshaw’s Mogworld¬†this week and going from there. So far, so good!

Do any of you have any new year resolutions about reading?


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