Here we are again for another year of fun! Early this week I made a list of books I want to either read or finish this year, so I thought I would share that with you today!

I will try and keep you all updated on my progress!

Books in 2013.

By Royal Command by Charlie Higson
Finish A War of Nerves by Ben Shepherd
At least one book by P. G. Wodehouse
The Worst Journey in the World by Apsley Cherry-Garrard
The Last Expedition by Captain Robert Falcon Scott
Start Christopher Isherwood’s diaries
For The Sake of Example by Anthony Babington
At least one book by Evelyn Waugh
Re-read – if possible – Brideshead Revisited and/or The Absolutist
Finish C. S. Lewis’ Narnia series
Finish The Great War and Modern Memory by Paul Fussell
Finish T.H White’s The Once and Future King (or Sword in the Stone at least)
The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett
One James Bond book by Ian Fleming
The Memorial by Christopher Isherwood

This list looks a lot more intimidating when written out as a list than it did as bullet points on my phone!

I’m also aiming to read 50 books this year as I managed 40 last year, and ten more isn’t really that many more. Is it?

And I know this is really, really old news but I might actually finish my book this year. My fellow writers on this blog know how long I’ve been working on it, so they probably aren’t surprised that I’m still working on it!

See you all next week!


Currently reading: Captain Scott’s Diaries.


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