Hello again!

Howdy folks!

How are we all? Did we all have a good Christmas/holiday/winter’s breaks/ etc?

Mine was… yeah, not too bad! I gots me a beautiful new Filofax from my wonderful boyfriend. A Personal Holborn in Wine. It’s lovely. It’ll do the job that the owl organiser used to do – just with more space. And stroke-ability. I’m thinking about doing a post on it once I’m more settled in a bit more. We’ll see.

I did some fun maths the other day; I went through my writing log and added some stuff up. So. In 2012 I wrote:
~ 64 journal pages (the pages are ever so slightly larger than A5).
~ 357 A4 pages (for NaNo, for letters, for planning, for the failure of my Page A Day Project and for some stuff that I don’t recall.)
~ 979 A5 pages.
~ 24,251 words for this blog.
~ 7,124 other, noted down, words.

Of course, some of those A4 pages were parts of my NaNo story, but meh. I’m still quite impressed with that. I’ve just got to attempt to do better this year. God help me now, ’cause I don’t know how well that’s going to go. I mean, apart from this I haven’t really properly written anything since before Christmas and even then it was for my NaNo. Other fiction? Haven’t written any of that, I mean, I haven’t written anything in my current notebook in use since before NaNo. I’m struggling, I guess. Which sucks but hopefully I’ll snap out of it soon.

Anyhoo. So it’s a New Year and what does that normally bring? Resolutions! Yay!

So, did you guys make any? I did. I made nine. Yeah, nine. Although I prefer to call them “goals” or “aims” or something that’s not so… That doesn’t strike quite so much fear and doom into the depths of my stomach. Heh. Heh. So yeah. Nine. Or a) to i) according to my list. I won’t share them all but one involves using up pens and two involve not being such a chicken in regards to my writing – both original and fan fiction. I might share the exact wording another time. Or, most of my resolutions/goals. We’ll see.

So yeah. I’m alright. For the most part. Got a bit of a cold at the moment, but other than that? I’m still chasing motivation around like a crazy person. I’m not winning, and I’m not really writing either, which sucks. I really think I burnt myself out over November and that really… Damn. That sucks. I wish we could bottle and sell motivation. Or just bottle it. I could do with some. Fingers crossed that I get my writing mojo back soon!

So, there you go! A quick catch up. I’m still adjusting to the world again as it all returns back to normal after Christmas.

Until next week guys.

Danni x

Blog post word count: 477 words.


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