Hello again everyone! I trust that you enjoyed the holiday season and made your resolutions and all that jazz. As you probably won’t know, every year on my personal blog I make a post about my new years resolutions from last year, see how badly I failed at them and then make some new ones. I’ve not touched my personal blog in some time, so why not bring it here for more public humiliation? I can’t find the list I made last year though, so I’ll be rolling the two into a special list this year with enough writing mentions to make it relevant to this blog!

1) Read a book a week – As previously mentioned, I will be aiming to read a book a week and review it, either here or elsewhere depending on necessary content for that week.

2) Write more – Enough said. I’ve been busy with directing a pantomime and other such things and found free time dwindling as a result.

3) Start reviewing video games pseudo-professionally again – I really enjoyed doing this.

4) Be less wasteful with food – I need to gain weight, so making a more conscious effort to finish food is a good idea.

5) Plan a trip to America – ‘murrica.

Tune in again next year for a rant about how I failed.


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