A query.

January strikes me as the worst month of the year. The magic of Christmas/Hanukkah/[insert relevant festive celebration here] has faded, the mandatory New Year evening of loneliness has passed and we’re thrown straight into the heart of the sun, except it’s an ice sun and all warmth in this world has curled up and died. Without mentioning the amount of winter-powered illnesses flying around like a six-pack of shuttlecocks, it’s expletive-worthily cold and the rain pauses only for eight seconds of snow every week.

This is less of a highly informative blog post about writing and whatnot and more an attempt to open a forum of discussion: I’ve been having stomach difficulties that affect my concentration, and alongside the aforementioned “January is a bitch” rant above and what any sane person would call a seasonal disorder (I call it Jim), I’ve had more trouble than usual sitting down to write. How do I beat this?

Answers on a postcard please. Or in the comments, if that’s a thing.


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  1. kenounirenashin

    Don’t force yourself TOO much because then you’ll resent it, and hate it and just plain won’t do it. If you normally type, try handwriting. If you normally handwrite, try typing. Try a change of scenery. Hell, try speaking something into a recorder if you want. Don’t set aside massive blocks of time – try little and often; especially if sitting down for long periods hurts.

    Er… Yeah. Try those for now 🙂

    • Jon

      I’m with Danni on this. Change of scenery can help a lot when the days are seeming too samey. Helps me. I try little and often and it works for me too. Try doing 400 words or a little less, have a quick break then carry on, repeat and don’t question anything you’ve typed. I often find I write at my best when I’m really tired because I’m not overly critical and just focus on getting something done. But each person works a little differently.

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