Confessions of an amateur artist.

This week, I’m going off topic a bit to tell you about the career(s) I had in mind before I decided “Hey, I want to write books!”

When I was in secondary school, I knew a lot of artistic people. Like, really, really artistic people. My best friend at the time had a very artistic family and they always seemed to be working on things (her brother always had comic strips he was working). At the time I was also really into anime and have a lifelong love of both Tintin and Disney. I honestly don’t remember a time in my life when I hadn’t got either of those things in my life.

Naturally, with a bunch of artist friends and all this great artwork around me, I wanted a piece of the action. I did get better as several years passed but I am not the most talented of artists. I’ve worked on the same pose for about 10 years and have only improved a little bit. Recently, when clearing out my desk, I found a lot of art materials that I’d obviously bought all those years ago and never used. I kept them and here’s another 2013 goals: start drawing and painting again.

I used to spend hours drawing and perfecting and at one point was a bit obsessed with Painter Classic and my Wacom tablet on my desktop computer. I think digital art is going to be hard to get back into as my tablet, computer and copy of Painter Classic are so out of date I don’t think any of them actually work any more and I don’t really have the time or money to invest in a new version of any of these! Paper and pencils though, I have in stacks. I have so many empty sketchbooks that need filling!

My one problem, and I find this with writing too, is that every piece of art that I see is so much better than anything I could do (I am, of course, excluding babies drawings from this…), which is a bit annoying but then I think there’s always someone better than you at something no matter what you do.

There are so many things I’d love to do or be better at, so I think started at drawing a bit more is quite easy to achieve. Perhaps I’ll share some one day.

Also, before I mentioned career(s) that I have thought about through time, so here’s a list: journalist (I wanted to be like Tintin, this one lasted a VERY long time), animator/artist/puppeteer/stopmotion-er(my arty phase), writer (now).

Let’s see how I do with the writer thing.



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