A little progress…

Hi guys!

So, I’m still using 750words.com – I haven’t missed a day since I started, although I have had a few evenings where I’ve left it really, really late to write my words, but I’ve always managed it. I’m good like that.

I’ve been using it as kinda… A place to dump all the crap from my brain. Maybe more of a journal slash diary type platform, especially as of late. I’m kinda grateful that I didn’t choose and start a physical diary before I stumbled upon the website, otherwise I’d have a barely filled notebook lying around. That would be very… Not good. If there’s one thing I dislike more than half a million empty notebooks lying around, it’s half a million half used notebooks lying around. I’m a little weird like that. Oh dear…

Anyway. Um… Not much as been happening in my life. It’s pretty boring really, but hey, what can you do really? Except “keep trying.” There’s this other saying “throw enough crap at the wall and eventually something will stick.” I kinda have to believe in that.

What else? Oh. Writing’s not going but I’m scribbling ideas and notes down again, so that’s good! It’s a start, I mean, every little helps right? I enjoy writing notes for ideas so I’m hoping that maybe one day I’ll sit down to write notes and just… Whoops, write the story instead.

I’m going to be honest – I actually keep forgetting that I have posts to write for this blog. Either that or the time between my posts goes by far too quickly for my liking. Either way, I’ll work on it, I promise. I’ll have to look through the list of blog post ideas that I have and see what grabs me. Or I’ll just throw the question out on Twitter as well.

What about you guys; how are y’all, what’re you up to, and what would you like to read? Drop me a line!

Until next week,

Danni x

Blog post word count: 333 words.


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