Whoa! We’re half way there! Whoa! Livin’ on a prayer!

(Like I need an excuse to use Bon Jovi lyrics.)

Hey guys!

How are we all?

I’m doing pretty well actually! My writing motivation came back the other night! Hurrah! So, I’m writing in my notebook/s again which is a massive relief. especially considering the fact that I have about thirty (yes 30) gel pens to use up before the end of the year. (Bonus points if I do it within six months.)

This is one of my year goals. Much like my notebook a month thing I like to do. I have to fill up another ten notebooks this year if I want to stay on track with that. That sounds a bit daunting actually.

Although, this might be an interesting task, considering the fact that I wouldn’t mind switching to loose leaf paper and a folder (either A5 or A4, I’m not fussed) but if I do that, then I’m not going to get through my notebooks – just a ton of paper. But, upon saying that, I think I could cannibalise and hole punch some of the more “exercise book” style notebooks for one of my A5 binders… Although some sheets may need trimming… Hmm. That’s an idea I think. I’ll put that on my to do list. That’ll give me another project to do.

Yeah, like I need more things to do to keep me away from writing.

I say “more” because I discovered a brilliant series of YouTube tutorials on bookbinding. They look really interesting and I genuinely think that I could make saddle stitched notebooks / memo books. So, I’m really tempted to invest in some needles and some waxed thread, so I can have a go. I can use a push pin to make the threading holes instead of getting an awl. Needles and waxed threads can be reused for something else if I decide not to continue with the memo book making thing. Which I am SO tempted to try.

I’ll keep you updated on that. I might eve take some photos if I manage to make some. I’m really tempted. Not that I need more pocket sized notebooks though, thanks to my Field Notes subscription last year. But erm… Gifts? Randomly giving the gift of note taking! I don’t know, we’ll see how I feel about that.

What else?

Ah! I’m reading again. I’ve got three books on the go, but I keep reaching for The Fault in our Stars by John Green, which I got for £3.85 from Tesco last week. Friday I think. I’ve only been reading it since Monday really and I’m a couple of chapters in, but I’m already in love with his writing style and voice and… Everything. It’s like “ugh, gimme more please!” and I haven’t even finished The Fault in our Stars yet. But, yay, reading!

I like the fact that both my reading mojo and my writing mojo have returned. It’s awesome and it makes me happier. So, yay!

What’s been making you guys happy this week? Let me know in the comments!

Also! I’d like to know what your favourite book is! 🙂

Until next week guys!

Danni x

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36 responses to “Whoa! We’re half way there! Whoa! Livin’ on a prayer!

  1. I’ve been following this blog for a while now, but never really commented or anything. XD

    At any rate, I think I just found my long-lost twin. O.O Bon Jovi wins. Writing wins. Notebooks win, too, and I should definitely get on the “fill one a month” bandwagon so I can buy more pretty ones, haha.

    Also, I’ve been making notebooks for a while now, and while I’m still working out the kinks in my design, it’s really, really easy. There are *tons* of tutorials online for creating amazing-looking, hard-bound notebooks. Check out pinterest, if you’re interested. There are lots of tutorials linked there. 🙂

    • kenounirenashin

      😀 !

      Ahah; thank you so much for taking the time to comment. You made me smile.

      I decided to attempt the saddle stitching and I ordered some stuff for it, so I’ll let everyone know how I get on.

      *goes to check out your blog*

      • So welcome! 🙂
        Saddle stitching is *really* easy. So is coptic binding, too–very simple, and it looks great if you want to make more of a journal-type thing.
        Also, are you on NaNoWriMo? I recognize you from the “let’s write by hand this year!” forums!

      • kenounirenashin

        Yes I am! I’m a mental, I know 😀

        Also, I’ve just checked out your blog and your artwork and I see you draw Supernatural, so I presume you’re a fan?

        (Your art is amazing, by the way)

      • Haha, well I’m mental the same way! XD I’ve tried writing by hand for two years in a row and failed both times. D: I just don’t write fast enough for that to be a feasible option for NaNo, I guess!
        YES. SUPERNATURAL. So much love. ❤ It's one of the few fandoms I continually draw, mostly because Castiel is so *easy* to draw and looks great on paper. I'm actually making a Castiel-themed art journal. (Read: I've made the journal, and not my desk is covered in feathers.)
        (Thanks so much! ^.^ I'm very much an artistic person, but unfortunately, that means I'm a very messy person as well. I can't see my floor right now because I have so many art supplies on the floor.)

      • kenounirenashin

        I -only- just made it by hand last year. Nearly killed me but it’s so satisfying looking at that stack of paper!

        Actually, I’m having a quick read through your blog, and you’ve got more notebooks than I have. I feel slightly better about myself now XD

        Yay feathers!

      • That’s exactly the reason I want to finish a novel by hand someday–so I can see all the paper! (Or flip through the notebook!)
        XD I’ve met very few people who have more notebooks than I do. I’m trying to decide if it’s just that bad of an obsession. I have a thing for books, too, but that’s a bit less compulsive than notebooks are.
        Yay, feathers! Except for when they’ll take weeks to get all out of my desk area, haha.

      • kenounirenashin

        I think I’m on about 155 notebooks now? That’s spread across A6, A5 and A4 though. And doesn’t include the ones I’ve filled up.

        And I want to start making my own. Someone help me now.

      • Oh, sweet! That’s still way more than most people have. Shared addict problem much..?
        How many have you filled up, out of curiosity?
        There should be a notebook addict support group! I think it would be quite successful.

      • kenounirenashin

        I have about 26 filled up since February 2011. Which is when I started taking notes and making charts and whatnot (I love making charts; how many words are in this notebook, how many pens I’ve used up ad so on and so forth. I’m very weird.)

        I really do need a support group. I’m just as bad with fountain pens.

      • Charts… @.@ That sounds like a heavenly idea. I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a “master notebook” compiling notes about what, exactly, is in all of my notebooks. But most of my notebooks aren’t straight-up writing, anyway. I have a lot of scribbles in some, drawings in others, and mixes in most of them.
        Fountain pens! I got two for Christmas and I absolutely *love* them. They write so beautifully! And I don’t mean to sound egotistical, but I really do have the right handwriting for a fountain pen. XD (When I decide to write nicely, anyway. My scrawl for school is truly terrible.)

      • kenounirenashin

        I am a sucker for charts.

        What fountain pens are they?

      • One’s a Manuscript something, and the other is one that came in a set with a bazillion other ballpoint pens–I have no idea what the brand is. I really like the Manuscript one–not too expensive, and it writes beautifully.

      • kenounirenashin

        Awesome. I’m a huge fountain pen fan. I kinda collect them too. That happened by accident XD

      • XD That sounds like a rather expensive collection! What’re your favorites?

      • kenounirenashin

        Hmm. Good question… I like Lamys and Parkers, but I was given a TWSBI 540 for Christmas so… I don’t think I could pick just one!

      • Haha, I know the feeling!
        What kinds of notebooks do you like best? I know some people are indiscriminatory, but others can only use a certain kind. 🙂

      • kenounirenashin

        I will honestly try almost anything once XD

      • XD Anything you’ve found that you didn’t like?

      • kenounirenashin

        Paper napkins? Tissue paper? XD

        Erm. I’m not great with graph paper but I love squared. I’m working on getting better at writing on plain.

      • Squared is awesome. XD Have you ever seen dotted paper? It’s like squares but dots at the corners instead, and it’s really good for both writing *and* drawing.

      • kenounirenashin

        Yes! I love dotted paper. Allows me to write straight but doesn’t give me obvious lines, so my writing does look a little freer

      • Exactly. I’ve got a Leuchturm1917(?) notebook that I’ve been trying to use for a GTD system. (I’m incredibly disorganized. Obviously it’s not working. XP) And I love it ^.^

      • kenounirenashin

        I have three or four of their notebooks: I love the colours they come in 😀 I think I have two dotted and two lined :3

      • The colors are gorgeous–I love the size, too. It’s convenient for my bookbag and my trenchcoat pocket. (Although I’ve found myself slowly becoming addicted to pocket-sized notebooks!)

      • kenounirenashin

        I’ve got three of their A5 notebooks and one of their pocket sized ones. I love pocket sized notebooks. Especially Field Notes ones.

      • Aw, yes! I have a *ton* of pocket-sized composition notebooks, and I use those at work for writing down customers’ orders and such. I don’t really have many “pretty” brand names, like Moleskine or Markings or Leuchturm(?). And I don’t have any Field Notes! I guess that’s next on my list, eh?

      • kenounirenashin

        Field Notes are memo books so they fill up really quickly, but I love them ❤ they're so rustic.

        I don't think I actually have a favourite notebook type. Apart from A5 – 'cause I have the most of those. I'll have to root through them all again when I take photos for my other blog.

      • I should get some Field Notes. XD

        Is A5 like the 8 1/2×11 school notebooks? I have a ton of those, too.

        And I should really get to work on filling those, haha. I have such a problem with not filling notebooks for ages, and then filling up a ton at once. Or starting a bunch and then not doing anything with them.

      • kenounirenashin

        Errrr. A5 over here is more 8 and a half tall by about 6 inches wide. Ish.

        Oh, I do that too. I can go for a month or so not filling anything then BAM four notebooks in six weeks. Or something.

      • Oh, alright. I can never remember the A sizes.. But A5 sounds like the size of notebook I prefer, anyway.

        YES. I filled one notebook in like, two months.. And I started another one the same size, and I’ve had it going for about six months. Whyyy the inconsistency? Meh.

      • kenounirenashin

        I think our A5 is a touch smaller than your letter size (I don’t understand how paper sizes can be different? Seems silly).

        When I’m on one of those MUST FILL ALL THE NOTEBOOKS phases, I tend to take advantage 😀

      • (It is silly! It makes my head go all spinny. That and the whole in/cm thing. I’d be happy with one or the other, if it were all the same. XD)
        *laughs* Yes! But then I fill a bunch and go “Wait! I need more!” Rinse and repeat, I guess.

      • kenounirenashin

        (It’s very silly. We need to all use the same thing.)

        And yes! I’m the same. Oh, I’ve filled up ten so now I can go and buy twenty!

      • (Including Celsius and Fahrenheit! I hate calculating temperatures. And coordinating time zones would be great too, but I guess that won’t work. XD)
        Hey look, I’ve filled up ten of these twenty! Let me go buy twenty more!

      • kenounirenashin

        Ugh, temperatures and time zones.
        And yes! Exactly that!

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