How To Choose What To Read Next

Wow, tricky title.

So, how does one go about choosing what to read next? Sometimes it’s an impulsive grab from the shelf, others its a long, drawn out consideration.

This year I made a list of the books I wanted to read in 2013, which I posted several weeks ago. This list was always allowed for deviation, the books were always just guidance, mostly things I have been putting off (such as the last book in the Young Bond series), or books I have owned for a long time, or things I have started and put to one side (mostly non-fiction).

I have made some progress and ticked Isherwood’s The Memorial and Alan Bennett’s The Uncommon Reader off the list. I also made progress on the Narnia series by reading Prince Caspian. I have started Scott’s Journals, but only made it 13 pages in. Something tells me that trying to read this book, which requires a lot of concentration, in bed was not my smartest idea.

When going to choose the book I was going to read next, I picked up a couple and weighed them up, did I want to read a book I’d bought recently, or something I’d been sitting on for some time, did I want to read something off ‘the list’.

No, apparently not. While browsing the disappointingly small Christopher Isherwood section of my bookshelf, I noticed the even considerably smaller E.M Forster section next to it (it consist of two books, one I have read, one I have not.) and decided to look at The Longest Journey. I skimmed the first page and then took it to read in the bath and so, the book was chosen!

Yesterday, I bought a book based mainly on the cover (it reminded me of the design of The Strangers Child by Alan Hollinghurst) and by the top blurb on the book (the synopsis I later realised was inside the front cover) which mentioned ‘privileged Cambridge students’ and ‘echoes of Brideshead’. I fear I am becoming a little predictable. The book in question is The Bellwether Revivals by Benjamin Wood. I hope I actually get round to reading it this year. I am actually quite glad that I don’t really record what I bought and when otherwise I would feel terribly guilty about not reading something until years after I bought it.

Better get reading,




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2 responses to “How To Choose What To Read Next

  1. Pen

    Do you have a account?
    Also this site:

    • I do have a goodreads but use it more as a books I want to buy/books I own catalogue than a book choosing tool. I’ll probably link my goodreads in the next blog post or so.

      That website looks pretty good, though may lead to more book buying (which I don’t need to do!)

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