Fire from the sky!

When it comes to writing, inspiration comes in several forms. I’ll skip the usual rant about different types that we’ve probably seen about four times already on these little Friday segments and skip to the point. Current events are a huge point of inspiration for some people, allowing thinly-veiled references to real life that people sometimes pick up on and enjoy “getting” the reference. Without reality, there can be no fiction.

At the time of writing, the second headline on BBC News is about horse meat in UK food. For those not playing along at home, this has been an issue that’s been beaten to death like a dead…something, but the media seems to view it as more important. The third? Oh, just a METEOR CRASHING INTO RUSSIA.

It’s not every day you get to see footage of something like that. Is it unreasonable to find that slightly more newsworthy than something else? Of course not. If you find horse meat that interesting and inspirational, I look forward to seeing the novel about it.

I’ll just be over here enjoying this.


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