Sorry this is so late this week!

Originally I was going to do another photo post of the new books I have bought recently, but the fact I’ve now bought some more and that I haven’t got them off my camera means that will have to wait for another week.

I’m not really sure what to write about this week as I have no structure in my posts (something I may have to remedy.) I’m trying in vain to finish my book, which at the moment has stalled to a stop (again). I’m really annoyed at myself because of this, as when I was writing it for the first time, I was really excited about the story and wanted to write every day and long into the night. Now, I can’t even face opening the word document because I don’t want to see what’s on the other side.

I’ve only got one page of notes to edit and then it should be finished. I say “should” because every time I work on it something else decides it needs editing and usually it’s a problem I hadn’t even noticed before! I find it really irritating because I always think its nearly done and then it hits me that it really isn’t.

I worry about the book, mainly because even after all this time I don’t think it’s that good, or that it’ll never be finished. I can’t face not finishing it because I want to tell this story so badly and I also want to be able to move on and tell other stories. I’ve tried putting it aside and working on other things but I keep telling myself I should be working on the book, on the main project.

I think not having the book finished was one of the reasons I failed so badly at nanowrimo last year. In 2011, we had finished uni and the book was in its “resting” phase (it is apparently a good idea to leave the book a couple of months between drafts, work on something else and come back to it with fresh eyes.) and I managed to finish. Last year I tried to write something I wasn’t really committed to, while knowing I actually should just be finishing the book.

I’m meaning to work on it this week. Lets see how that goes.




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  1. Wendy

    Stop worrying, just give it to your Mum to read!

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