Since last time, I have found out that I didn’t get into the master’s degree that I applied for, so that ongoing saga has come to a close. I am looking into other options though, so don’t think this is the last you’ve heard of my education adventures.

Another ongoing saga that has come to a close (for now) is my novel. I stressed about it last week, but last Friday I sat down and finished it. If finishing a book means changing a pivotal plot point right at the last minute, then that’s apparently how I do it. Characters motivations have shifted slightly and I think this is the best version of the book there has been so far. Which is good.

It’s strange to think how much the book has changed since the summer of 2010 when I started it. It’s come a long way. The premise has stayed mostly the same but quite a lot of the characters have either changed in motivation, for example, one who didn’t really have a valid reasons for his actions, or have come stronger in their characterisation. One character was there simply to serve a purpose, which really isn’t good. While every single character does not need extensive backstory and a lot of time to shine, if they are there for a reason (which  they really should be) flesh them out a little.

Reading wise, I am battling through E.M Forster’s The Longest Journey. I say battling because while it is really, really well written it is dragging just a little. Every now and then something so good will crop up though so I’m hoping I can stick with it. I have a pile of books on my bedroom floor that I don’t have shelf space for, even though I got rid of a lot of books to make shelf space. Never mind!

I am also reading British History for Dummies, because while I know a lot about one specific time period, the rest of my history knowledge is not that great. I really enjoyed history at school but as I was never encouraged to carry it on to GCSE (something which makes me angry to this day) I didn’t pick it up again until AS level, which I failed miserably. I sometimes wish I had done it through GCSE and A level and studied it at university, but you never realise these things until you look back on them. There’s still plenty of time for me to brush up though.

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