In which I update on life, reading and muse about my notebook use.

Hi guys!

How are we all? I’m… Not too bad I suppose. Kind of average really but there actually isn’t anything that anyone can do, unless someone wants to give me a job? Or at least an interview? Yeah, don’t worry about me too much, I’ll be alright. I kind of have to be!

But anyway!

If you follow my stationery blog; you’ll notice that posts have slowed down, or rather stopped. I only have so much stationery to show! I’m working on taking more photos though. I have a (small) list of other things to take pictures of so… I’ll take those at some point. I’m working on it!

Erm. Reading a little more, slowly and updating my list at the top of the page as I go, but have a couple of books currently on the go, so I’m not really making much progress on anything, especially not when you add ebooks into that.

Yes, I read both actual physical books and ebooks. I use iBooks and the Kindle app on my iPad. Which I’m using more now actually, especially since I got a new case for it. Well, it’s more of a skin, but either way, it’s much lighter than the old case I had for it, and considering the fact that I have an iPad 1, it’s pretty heavy anyway. So yeah; yay reading!

I’m also really close to filling up notebook 27 – which is good because I have an idea that I’m dying to get my teeth into, but I want to put it into a new notebook; just in case it runs away with me. I don’t like the idea of spreading one idea over two notebooks. It’s kind of important to me that I finish notebook 27 first. And maybe that’s just a “thing” that I have, but hey, it’s just a thing that a) I have to do and b) is a part of me.

I know that I could, quite happily have more than one notebook on the go at once, but I have this feeling that I know exactly what I would do if I did. So, let’s pretend that I decide to start the new idea I’ve got biting at my ankles in a new notebook. This would be notebook 28. I still have twenty or so pages left in notebook 27 before it gets put on the “filled up” pile. I know that notebook 27 would get left behind – I’d fill up notebook 28 and then I’d keep going, thus not finishing notebook 27. I know I’d do something very much like this, and then I’d end up on notebook 35 or something. And notebook 27 would still be left there, with its remaining empty 20 pages. Not getting filled up. I know that I would do exactly this.

Darn. These last 20 or so pages really feel like they’re never going to end, I’ll tell you. Although, I think I know why completing this notebook is so hard. It represents the last couple of months, from say, October 2012, to well, now, February 2013, and they haven’t been the best or easiest of months, not only in regards to writing, but also in regards to life in general. I really should power on through and move onto the next notebook so I don’t feel so… Bleh about things.

It’s not like I can use the remaining pages for something else either, ’cause I’ve probably already got a notebook for that. This post will tell you a little more about that – about all the notebooks I have in use at the moment, and what I use them for.

I’m not going to lie though. I’m still torn between using notebooks and using loose sheets of paper, which really annoys me. And is also not really an option, considering the amount of notebooks I have.

So, that’s a (very) brief look at my notebook system, and some (a lot) of musing about my current notebook. Mostly about how I really (really) fail at things.

What about you guys – do you have a notebook system? Let me know!

Until next week!

Danni x

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4 responses to “In which I update on life, reading and muse about my notebook use.

  1. Interesting system.

    I don’t have one, and I think I’ve only completely filled a half dozen notebooks ever. I have a whole bunch of half finished notebooks, but they aren’t project specific, it’s usually everything just mashed together and interleaved.

    I wanted to use paper for my tasks, but instead I’m back to mostly all digital for everything. I just can’t get over how limited paper can be. Digital notes can be refactored and used for a whole bunch of stuff. Running lists work better and I can reorganize them at will. I still love paper, and use it to take sermon notes at church, but that’s a little frustrating too. I can’t decide if I want those in my personal wiki or not. Digital has it’s own frustrations too, but it works better for me at the moment. I just couldn’t figure out any sort of system for paper.

    • kenounirenashin


      It’s a very loose system and I’m not entirely happy with it (I’d like less notebooks in it to be honest, but I’ll have to work on that) but it seems to be working okay for now πŸ™‚

      Yeah, paper just doesn’t work for everyone just like the fact that digital just doesn’t work for everyone. I personally, can’t seem to get on with a purely digital system. It’s no big deal, different strokes for different folks and all that jazz πŸ™‚

      • Indeed. I struggle with trying to tell people how much more awesome my system is than the one they’re using, but in reality, if it works, they should keep using it.

        The only way I could ever really use a paper system properly is with a Circa/Arc/Rollabind type system, but they aren’t cheap, and they have their own issues. I love doodling, and inventing languages and such, so paper is great for stuff like that, but in reality, digital notes are so much easier for me. It’s also less to carry, and I get funny looks for even my small bag. πŸ˜›

      • kenounirenashin

        -Always- use what works for you, or you’ll spend too long trying to copy everyone else, and wasting your life D:


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