Fatal Femmes’/The Fairy Tale Complex Pt. 2 and 3

Today I am mostly going to be talking about my Fatal Femmes novel. And yes, it is going to be a novel. I also have to squeeze in part three in this post, because we are all doing specific posts from next week. So this will probably be very, very long.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it will hit 100,000 words from all the ideas seeping into my brain. I actually think it might be better than the story I’ve been working on since I was 13 now, which scares the s?*t out of me when I think long and hard on it.

Somehow, it started off being so bland and overdone, that I really wanted to give up. It seemed hopeless to bring something fresh to a concept done over and over again. But clearly, I’ve took a right turn. At least I’m thinking that way at the minute.

Although I have a lot of worries about an all female group of superheroes still. Mostly males only read about this kind of stuff, and I feel an all female group will put them off big style. Now this part–can sometimes feel like a turn for the worst.

But then I know Marvel has got quite a substantial audience, just nowhere near as high as the statistics that males read sequential art with. And then I panic, because I realise I’m writing a novel, not a comic.

I’ve done some research and there is actually quite a few novels that already exist and focus on superheroes. Just not the all female kind–and especially not the all British female kind.

I found out about five days ago (seven by the time this gets to you), whilst researching female heroines, that X-Men is running a new all female comic from this April. Which I have to say that I am super exited about, and shocked at the timing of because of what I’m doing. The team consists of Storm, Psylocke, Jubilee, Shadowcat, Rachel Grey and Rogue. Hallelujah!

Though every one hasn’t responded too nicely to an all female superhero X-Men team. Take a look at the comments in the link that the writer Brian Wood has tweeted about getting in his emails:


However, all progression is met with resistance. It is change, most of us are never sure if something is going to work out if we’re honest. But we have to at least try!

Next, I’m going to be posting a video link to one of my all time favorite shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The name sounds goofy, which the show is, in a way, but in a good way. I will be showing you the driving force for the motivational speeches I LOVE writing.

The video I will be showing you gives me goosebumps every single time I watch it. And when you think about it (if you’ve watched it), the music has a big part of it in television, and also movies. So I’m trying to figure out how to represent the same effect in writing on its own.

I apologise for the not so great quality. I thought this would already exist on You Tube, but I was wrong. So I had to record it myself. Which took ages by the way, considering the video is only over three minutes long, and don’t even get me started on the upload time lol


The clip works so well because Buffy has been badly beaten by a new evil, and she feels as if it is hopeless, her friends and family (her hearing them) speak about her internal injuries, that she could be dying from the inside. The ‘First’, as it calls itself, is the living evil of all life inside us all, and Giles admits defeat by the new big bad for now, obviously not realising Buffy is hearing him from another room; then, she steps in, and talks, admitting the same defeat as Giles feels at first. BUT: She turns it around–she makes the speech about how things have always been, how they have always been. And how they will change–to defeat the rising darkness. When we expect her to plummet, she stands tall. For her and the potentials. For her friends. For her sister.

I chose this video because it shows how females can take on a strong role, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which I practically grew up with and will always love) is a continuing source I use with a lot of my fiction, because the majority of my female characters are the stronger ones. But not all of them; that would be just as silly.

Wonder Woman, Jean Grey, Xena, Ripley, River Tam (from Firefly and the Serenity film). I’m always thinking about them. I truly believe their success is because they have a great balance of being strong independent characters, and of the audience connecting with them from their humanising qualities; allowing them to relate to the females on a more intimate level.

I’m still researching for The Fairy Tale complex. It is going slow. The books I have are so thick!

Part 3: The next part is about the superhero costumes. Which I had such problems with, because I wanted my characters to express themselves, and the clothes they would wear seemed to be a good way to go; so making universal costumes just wouldn’t work. Then I thought about making each costume uniquely different and appropriate for each character, although then, I thought the six females wouldn’t look like they are a part of the same team either, and would give the idea of a mixed, mis-match bunch of people.

So, researching female heroines, this picture came up: Wonder Woman’s modern superhero costume. Then I remember seeing a fan art picture of Rogue from X-Men: Fan art of Rogue. I really thought the shorter jackets added something nice, and didn’t hide what they where wearing at the same time.

The end result, after thinking some more on it, is that the Fatal Femmes’ will be getting something called a femme jacket; a short jacket that is designed to never be zipped or closed, always revealing their attire. Plus, they can express their individuality, and are still connected by this one thing they all wear too. The femme jacket will have the eventually decided upon logo for the team Fatal Femmes‘, a communicator and also a GPS locator device built into each one. I have not decided upon the colour, but I was thinking different colours for each character maybe. Neutral colours are a good starting point, you know: Black, gray, white, that kinda thing.

I do have a few spandex suits that Lena, the technopath, makes for special occasions and jobs. An example would be a suit that dampens all sound made from the wearer, which makes Marie’s job, the molecular metamorph, a whole lot easier; even to get into the tightest of security structures, and by herself.


Fatal Femmes started out as a way to represent females in a stronger, yet more realistic light. Take away their weight, their anatomy, their looks, and you have characters people will care about. Of course some of these issues will arise in some way, but I don’t, and will not dwell on them.

Now the project is about the above paragraph, and a teenager–Iris. Her life unfolds, and she eventually sees that she is a mystical being in a scientific world of creation. Whilst many don’t believe her faith–it will soon prove itself to the entire Alpha Earth. She is already conveying isolated behavior from her feeling lost in such a world. Even her team mates don’t believe the source of her power.

The story is so close to my heart because the antagonists have never been done this way before, and I don’t want to ruin that part. Although it is no secret that the goverment turns out to be their enemy, to some degree, they realise just how far their greed takes them–to guarantee their long term profit, built on a system of money value; one which my little brother can even see is a whopper of a symbol, and code, for enormous value placed on money in real life. And how it could be used against us in an alarmingly scary way.

Also, what’s superhero stories without some awesomely stylish fight scenes, both small and grand in scale? Cause there will be plenty of that damage done!

When March comes I have to switch over from research and first draft mode, to super editing mode. Need to edit Dreamers, Silver Cathedral, and Thee Tribal Guard. So incredibly sick of Dreamers now, I’m really looking forward to the Silver Cathedral though; that would be the balance of things.

Hope you all have a great week!



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