Late one again this week, sorry.

Next week we are starting a new ‘project’ where each week we will all write about the same thing, each one of us choosing the topic each week. I’m not sure how long this will go on for but if there is anything you, our readers, want us to talk about, let us know in the comments.

So, after last week and finishing the book, I am feeling a tad uninspired. A new idea is sort of bubbling around my head but mainly only vague ideas and a few lines here and there but I don’t really want to start it until I’ve finished some of the other projects I’ve started over the last few years. I keep starting things and not finishing them and its getting rather annoying.

I started something for a uni module called Writing the Novel that I want to finish and I want to finish this years nano failure and last years nano follow up. I’m sure there are several other things on my list that need finishing (my failed children’s novel!) but I will get on with that at some point.

I have an ideas notebook that keeps getting ideas put in for novels, plays, TV scripts and sometimes just ideas with no saying which format I want them to take. I want to write in lots of different medias because I think it’s interesting to see how the process works in different formats. As I’ve mentioned before the thing I really want to write is a play but its finding the right idea that works in that format that’s the hard part.

That’s all for this week, hope to be back next week with a bit more substance,


Currently reading: The Bellwether Revivals, British History for Dummies and The Longest Journey.


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