A Year of Continuous Writing

Hi guys!

How are you all? I’m doing alright myself, I think.

So, March 1st marked the start of the year of Continuous Writing. Basically, it’s like NaNoWriMo, but for a year. You set your own goal though so, you can make it as easy as you like. Or as difficult. And, from what I understand, the only things that don’t count towards your word count goal are things like Maths and Geography homework. So practically anything goes as long as you write it.

I am, obviously taking part. I set my goal at 500 words a day which equates to about 182,500 words over the course of the year. I’ve already surprised myself by doing more than 500 words a day at least once. I don’t know how I managed that but I’m not going to complain – I’m on notebook 28 now because of it (thankfully! Notebook 27 took a long time.)

Like I said, as far as I know, anything you write during this period counts – letters, homework, fiction, whatever – but I am only counting the stuff I handwrite. And even then, I’m only including the fiction that I write. Not my blog posts (’cause we all know by now that I handwrite those before I type them) – just fiction. If it’s in my notebooks, awesome, extra brownie points. But if it’s just on paper, no big deal.

I might include anything that I write that’s considered planning for my writing too, ’cause I normally end up writing snippets along with my planning, ’cause I’m a little weird like that.

I do actually have a list of things that I’d like to work on this year. But I have two main ones:

~ my NaNo 2011 story: this is a fanfic, a Harry Potter Marauder era one. It’s sitting pretty at about 131,783 words currently, and it’s not finished. It hasn’t been edited either. I’d like to get up to the end of Seventh Year at least. (I should also mention that I’m typing this one.)

~ my NaNo 2012 story: another fanfic, of course. This one is an Alternative Universe Criminal Minds one; last year’s NaNo that I hand-wrote, so that’s how I’ll continue it. I’d like to continue that one but I know where I left it; in a tricky spot I believe. I’m not really looking forward to writing that scene; it’s hard. Everything after that is easy, it’s just that one scene. And it’s not like I can just skip ahead and go back to it, ’cause I’m handwriting and I wouldn’t know how much space to leave. Hmn.

There are some other things, various other ideas I have, but I mostly want to continue burning through my gel pens and notebooks a little more. I won’t go into detail about my ideas ’cause I don’t really like to talk about them until I’ve actually started writing them. Unless you’re my twin that is, in which case I’ll bounce ideas off of you until the sun comes up. But I only discuss things with her ’cause, aside from being a writer, and aside from the fact that she’s read a couple of things of mine (including some fanfic that I only wrote about ten minutes previous to showing her) she and I are practically the same person. It’s pretty awesome.

Erm, other news…

I’m doing alright in the task of burning through my gel pens; there’s five sitting in my little pot now, which isn’t too bad! I’m pretty pleased with myself. Although writing with nothing but gel pens all day leave me with a dent in my finger, which hurts, but it seems to go away overnight, so I’m not going to complain too much.

Reading’s stopped a bit but I got bitten by writing again, so the only things I really read are fanfics online. I do still have a couple of books on the go though.

Other than that, that’s what’s going on with me currently. I’ll see you next week with the first of our new topic weeks!

Until next time,



Blog post word count: 674 words


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