Stand Up–Motivation

We’re going back to the Ignore Everybody rules from this week, and I’m continuing where I left off, at rule eleven:

“The more talented somebody is, the less they need the props.” Hugh MacLeod

The document, Stand Up–Motivation, was created because I was at another low point in my life; the lows have always been such a frequent part of my life, that I’m attempting to actually do something about it now.

It’s so strange how it developed, as it originated from a formal thesis about human nature. I mean, what the hell…

So about a month later, I wrote a 7,000 word thesis about odd parts (with an even bigger list of ‘to read’ books and an unbelievably long reference and bibliography when I was finished. Instead, I seemed to lean towards areas that fascinated me, but it deviated more and more away from the human nature part, and was more about the driving force and hurdles humanity has to deal with on a day to day basis.

So I’ve decided to show you all the rough second draft of the first real starting page. As I actually have lots of uplifting quotes before the document even really begins. So here it is:

What this is?

“This document was designed, planned and created by me–for me. Selfish? Possibly. But it has a much greater purpose than what you might expect from it.

As a writer, philosopher, artist, proof-reader and editor in training, I needed a certain something to get me into the right gear–to get me really motivated whenever I needed.

There are hundreds of reasons why we are not motivated. Some are very valid, and some, not so much.

The reason this document exists is to help put me in the right gear at the right time.

Originally, this actually started off as a dissertation about the human condition, but as I kept searching and exploring, reading and researching–it hit me. Maybe I should turn this into something I can read and look back at, and at the same time, feel all the great things that motivate me: To be inspired and feel as if there is always some kind of hope. To help people; these are only a few. And many more are throughout what will be coming your way.

It is no secret, if you know me, that I suffer with depression and mood swings. I try ever so hard not get them, but it doesn’t seem to work all the time. If I have a job, if I don’t have a job, it doesn’t matter. The only effective combat I’ve had against it, is to not talk about the actual thing too much, and keep busy.

This, what you are reading now, is one of those very things that kept me engrossed enough to push my darkness aside for a time.

It should be known that depression is an emotion, not a state of mind. Everyone will get it at some point in their lives. So this information will come in useful if you remember or have it at hand.

Because I have wrote this for me, I have included the things I have come to find out about myself as a person. Some are conventional, and some are not. I just hope this will give some kind of light to more than just myself.”

Hope you have a good week.



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