My favourite writing equipment.

Hi guys!

So, this week, we’re talking about favourite writing equipment, as the title says. Guess who’s idea that was? Oh wait, that would’ve been mine. Of course.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. I prefer pens and paper. But when it comes to narrowing that down…

This is actually a really tough topic for me. It’s like choosing your favourite child when there shouldn’t be favourites, because that’s kind of wrong. Ahem. Erm. Yes. I wish I could say that I have a bunch of brands and names and things for you but I really don’t, as I found this tough. Basically though, I will write on anything, with (almost) anything if that’s I have to hand. Yes, I’m one of those types. But, I do have my preferences.

Paper wise: I would prefer paper that doesn’t make the most basic pen bleed and feather like god knows what. But really, if I have to write on plain, I really don’t mind. It’s not an issue. I would prefer to write on lined, as long as the margin doesn’t take up half the page. Actually, I’d prefer if there wasn’t a margin but either way. I like squared paper and I like dotted paper too. Hey, I’ll even write on that graph paper stuff I used a lot of in my Science classes if I have to. I don’t mind. I don’t even mind if it’s a pad, a notebook or loose sheets. Or if it’s A4 or A5 or… Whatever. As long as it’s not A6 I’m not fussed. Actually, even if it’s A6 – I don’t mind the size as long as I have plenty of it.

In regards to ink, ’cause talking about that is a bit easier than talking about the actual instrument right now… I’ll use cartridges and bottled ink, I’m not fussed. I have more cartridges than I do bottles of ink because I’m only just getting into that. Colour wise, I’ll try anything once. But I prefer blues, greens, turquoises and things of that spectrum. And purples, like Lamy’s Violet ink cartridges (and it really annoys me that you can’t get a bottle of this). Love love love that colour. Although, I’m not overly keen on black ink, for the most part. In biros? Maybe. In fountain pens or gel ink pens? I’d really rather not thanks. But if it’s all you’ve got then that will do. I don’t really think that I’m a fan of using yellows, light oranges or light greys either, but I’ll really try anything once and use anything if that’s all I have access to. But, I’d prefer blues, greens and purples.

Now for the actual writing tool. I’d really, really rather not use a standard pencil. If I’m going to use a pencil, I’d rather use my Kura Toga (with or without the squishy gel grip, I don’t mind) and I’ll use a ballpoint/biro if there’s nothing else. I’d rather use a gel pen, but would love to stick to fountain pens.

Speaking of gel pens, I like Uni-balls the most I think. I mean, I seem to have the most of them. Or Pilot pens. I like those too. Or, Pentel Sliccis or something. I have quite a few gel pens so I guess I’m not overly fussy regarding the type. My colour preferences for gel ink pens are pretty much the same as my colour preferences for fountain pen ink.

So, the order of preference for the actual instrument, from least preferable to most, would be this: standard pencil, biro, mechanical pencil/Kura Toga, gel pens and fountain pens. Somewhat obvious I think?

But, here’s where I come unstuck. I cannot pick a favourite fountain pen. I have been seriously thinking about this for a week and a bit, maybe a touch longer, and I honestly don’t have a clue. I don’t think it’s because I have so many, I think it’s genuinely because I can’t pick a favourite. a couple of favourites maybe, but not just the one. I will however think on it some more.

So, here we go. Some paper that can handle ink, ink that falls under the colours I favour and a fountain pen. Those would be my favourite writing devices. I so prefer doing things by hand. I know I should have some brand names and samples and whatnot for you all but I honestly don’t think I’ve had enough variety to give you those.

That’s it from me this week, I’ll see you next with with Jon’s choice of topic!

Until next time,



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4 responses to “My favourite writing equipment.

  1. This sounds exactly like my dilemmas! I write on literally everything, paper-wise… But, for ballpoints, I will only write in black. I prefer sepia for fountain pens… And my hands-down favorite brand of pen is the uni-ball, and I love all colors that I’ve tried. (I also love the Pilot G-2. I steal my mom’s all the time since she gets them from school for free.)

    Buuut I’m more picky in notebooks. I prefer spiral-bound school notebooks for crap writing, but I loooove hard-bound journals in a medium size. Anything bigger than 8.5″x11″ is too big for me, haha.

    Anyway. Lovely post ^.^

    • kenounirenashin

      Doesn’t it make life so much easier when you’re only overly picky about one thing? XD
      I mean, I -like- the finer things in stationery but I won’t use exclusively those 😀
      Thank you!

      • Oh, yes–and less expensive, too! XD

        Exactly. I am non-discriminatory in my notebook choices. (As in, I’ll just as soon spend $5 on 20 5¢ notebooks as on a $20 moleskine.)

      • kenounirenashin

        I’m the same. Sometimes nothing feel the same as a mega cheap notebook and a biro. Those pages tend to crinkle and curve more when you write on them. And indent more. And there’s something about that that is so satisfying.

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