My Sentence Station, and Rule Thirteen

“If you accept the pain, it can­not hurt you.” Hugh MacLeod

Following on from Danni’s topic (on favourite stationery), I have a few things to say about mine:

Going back a few weeks, the rule Hugh MacLeod said was: “The more talented somebody is, the less they need the props.” Which I do believe is quite true. I guess pretty things can distract you, I know they do with me, but we all have to have something to please the senses, right?

Whilst I am not a material man, and think practically over prettily probably more times than the other way around, I do have my moments the other way too!

I don’t think I buy things because of the material theory; the more you have–the more you want; which is probably more than a theory. I believe I buy something because it gives me a purpose–to see beauty in an every day item, and if you can combine that with something that’s practical, like a pen–then I’ll fucking well get it. Obviously I wouldn’t spend a fortune on something unless I know I will use it a lot anyway; that’s the way my mind works.

If I had a room to decorate myself and live in as I please, I would of painted it all white, had a white bed, with white bed sheets; have a tall white male mannequin for my bag, coat, scarf and gloves, and a white desk with a laptop on; and of course, a notepad, and some items. I’d probably call it the ‘White Room’ too. My little unique version of Andy Warhol’s ‘Factory’, or Lady GaGa’s ‘Haus of GaGa’. I’m a little weird like that. Getting back to it, among the stationery on the desk, you would find:

1. A good solid fountain pen. I had a pretty good one that broke a while ago, and still need to finish something with it. I love the feel of a heavy metal fountain pen, and I would much rather prefer refillable ones, as I think cartridge pen ink looks tacky, watered down and not as easy to see as bottled ink. In fact, whilst I remember, I’m going to buy a fountain pen now…

2. A calligraphy set. I nagged my mother for ages to buy me one of those magazines when I was about 11; the ones that you buy every month and receive a single piece of the finished set. Mine was a proper old fashioned calligraphy set by the end. And I think it’s still at my mams somewhere. Unfortunately, I have a cartridge calligraphy set with me, which I am not impressed with. But I usually dip the pen in the bottled ink I have, to give a better effect from the art. I would like to get the set from my mother’s at some point, or get a nice strong old fashioned set from somewhere else.

3. Refillable black ink (for my fountain pen and calligraphy set).

4. Lined notebook(s). No writer’s arsenal is complete without paper; whether you write on a computer or not, you cannot force and tell inspiration when to come to you, because it never does!

5. Plain Biro pens are simple, easy and cheap. I always use these for jotting down notes, starting something off, or filling in the gaps on my notebook.

6. 2H pencils. I use these harder pencils because I draw so softly; it sometimes help with the visual symbolism in my stories. Most of my sketches are appalling,  but I have surprised myself more than once with some.

7. An eraser; because it’s an artists best friend, along with the ‘delete’ and ‘backspace’ button on a keyboard.

8. My Laptop. OpenOffice Writer is where the magic is made, destroyed and tweaked.

And that would be it. I don’t use colour on my sketches, because I would rather do it digitally. But I rarely use colour, unless it’s essential and has a point.

So, the list of items I use to either make my sentences, or aid in them, is usually at a station, a desk. Most times the sentences top by this station, but on a really bad day, there are fewer of them.

As you can see, I’m like Danni. Brand names are a big no. If I like something and find it to be of good quality, then I will buy it. End of.

This is your curious blogger…


Till next time. Hope you all have a nice week.


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