The Tools That Bind

When this week’s theme came up I was worried at worst. Recent bouts of writing have been sporadic at best so how could I reasonably answer the question? I went and thought about it at work and came to a conclusion.

I have a pen with four pens inside it, so it can write in red, blue, black or green. I had a pen that did this before, and before that. In contrast to some writers I focus a lot less on the equipment: when inspiration hits, I’ll grab anything nearby – hopefully my favourite pen, the aforementioned four-colour one or something like that. I’m often near a computer so I usually type but if writing by a pen is a necessity then I’ll use that one and literally any notebook I have to hand. I’m so focused on the actual writing that I’ll use anything.

Sorry if this seems like a disappointingly short confession but as much as I do love a fine pen and a high quality notebook my brain screams at me to get the job done first.


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