Comics, graphic novels and manga; illustrated story telling.

Hi guys!

So, Jon’s choice of topic – favourite comic books, manga and things like that.

I used to read a lot of manga. Not that many different series (Series’? Serieses? What’s the plural of that?) but the ones I did read had a lot of books in them. I don’t read really read them any more though, I associate that more with my early teenage years. I don’t really read comic books either.

My favourite manga series though, from when I was into all of that, is a series that actually I’m still very fond of; “Rurouni Kenshin” by Nobukiro Watsuki. This is also the manga that my username Kenouni Renashin is based on. A good friend of mine took the original title and did a little word wizardry with it; missing it up, and making it sound more feminine. I think he did a fabulous job. Of course he did, I’ve been using this username for a very long time. Since college at least, and maybe even a few years prior to college. But basically, I’ve been using it a very long time and I’ extremely fond of it; attached to it even. It’s pretty much… Yeah, it is. My username is me; it’s a part of who I am now. And I have a manga to thank for that.

Aside from that… I like The Umbrella Academy. Not just because it’s Gerard Way’s creation, although that is probably a big part of how it appeared on my radar. I can’t really say why I like it. It’s different? I’m quite fond of The White Violin’s character design? I don’t know. I’m looking forward to the third instalment, and the Danger Days comic that’s due out this year. (I’m not sure when the third instalment of The Umbrella Academy is out; probably sooner rather than later now MCR have split.) I think that Gerard is a great storyteller; it’s evident in his lyrics too.

Aside from that? I don’t really read comics, as I said. I do have an Alice in Wonderland graphic novel somewhere, but I haven’t really read it, but I do like the art style. I think that’s my problem. I’m very picky with art styles, and I never really like any of them.

I’ve thought about picking up “Suicide Squad” or “Gotham City Sirens” but… I find most comic books expensive for what they are, even collected editions. I’d rather have an actual book, or two, ’cause I can normally get maybe two books with the money I’d spend on a collected comic book. Even if I got them from Amazon.

I do like the Deadpool character though. The boyfriend collects some of his books, and I’ve looked through one or two and I find him quite funny, but that’s about it. All I know, really, is that I prefer Marvel to DC and I’d rather watch the films thanks. I have nothing against comic books, or those who like them, but they’re just not for me.

Unti next week folks!



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4 responses to “Comics, graphic novels and manga; illustrated story telling.

  1. I don’t really like the comic/graphic novel style, only because it’s difficult for me to read and follow, and I prefer to visualize the characters by myself. But it’s interesting seeing your opinion on it! And the origin of your username–I’ve been wondering about that. 🙂

    • kenounirenashin

      I get a couple of comments on my username, and sometimes people guess where it’s from. Those people get internet cake for that.

      Yeah, I’m too picky with art style to really be able to get into comics and that properly >_<

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