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Continuing our current tradition of theme weeks, today marks the fourth foray into the realm of comic books and graphic novels. Continuing this continuation, here’s a list of reasonable size of some of my favourite ones.


Taking the superhero genre down a gritty pseudo-realistic route where superheroes are frowned upon and hardly anyone actually has any real powers as such, Watchmen is an interesting twist on the standard ideas of such realms of fiction. The multiple part series was compiled into a graphic novel and the story is really well written, twisting and moving different directions when you least expect it. There was also a fairly decent film adaptation, even if Alan Moore himself refuses to watch it.

The Umbrella Academy

A six-part comic book series that has so far has had two series released. It explores the adventures of a group of young superheroes who grow up to face the harshness of reality, time travel, political satire, romance and ice cream.

The Order of the Stick

A long-running webcomic about the adventures of an adventuring party in a fantasy world designed to be a parody of most popular fiction. Set to the rules of the 3.5 edition of Dungeons & Dragons, The Order of the Stick is a pseudo-stick figure comic featuring what is arguably the best written characterisation in any comic ever. There’s comedy, romance, betrayal, taco night and an addictive trail of action and drama that’ll make anyone who’s ever claimed to be a geek at the very least raise an eyebrow. I am aware that Jon specifically said “graphic novels” but as the series has been compiled into paperback versions the line blurs and I’m crossing it. It’s worth it.




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