To annotate or not to annotate, that is the question.

Hi guys!

So, I’m going to follow on from Lil’s idea yesterday, ’cause it’s one I otherwise wouldn’t come up with.

Writing in books. I have done it, back in secondary school when we had poetry anthologies. We had to annotate our books – those were the only notes that we were allowed in the exam after all so annotating the hell out of the anthologies was highly encouraged. I think that my anthology was the only book I wrote in though.

In college, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t annotate my books, even if they were falling apart and second hand. (In fact, I think one or the reasons why I didn’t annotate my books was BECAUSE one or two were falling apart. I didn’t want to lose my notes.)

I don’t think I did in Uni either? I might’ve done for my textbook/s (see also, college; for the textbooks that I had to buy myself so were -mine- and not the books I borrowed from the teachers).

I don’t like writing in books very much. Even if they are second hand and/or falling to pieces, I still don’t like it. I’d rather write on photocopied pages. If I have to write in a second hand book, I will, but I won’t enjoy it very much. Or, like Lil, if it’s my only copy, and it’s a book I really love, I won’t like or do it. If I can get another copy, then yes, sure I might go crazy. But maybe just in pencil.

I do like pointing out mistakes in printed works though. I was given some reading material from some Jehovah Witnesses once. I took great joy in going through and highlighting all the errors and stuff. But I like editing like that. I call it “spell check editing” ’cause honestly? Grammar and I are not friends. I struggle with that a bit, I think.

I can’t break the spines on my books, or fold the corners of pages either. I hate it. If I lend you a book and it doesn’t come back to me in the condition I gave it away in, you are NEVER borrowing anything of mine ever again. Just like if I see that your own things are in disarray, I won’t be lending you my stuff. Sorry not sorry. I look after my things, it’s how I was raised. Which is probably why I don’t like writing in books too much!

Until next week!

Danni x

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