So I am gonna start going two quotes at a time from Hugh MacLeod now. Here they are:

12. If you accept the pain, it cannot hurt you.

13. Never compare your inside with somebody else’s outside.

So, you want to self-publish, but don’t know how to format or do not have the software, or even know where to begin with getting your book out there. Or maybe the process of electronic publishing is too lengthy, which I completely agree with sometimes, especially when you get file errors and realise you have to completely format it manually all over again.

I’ve been there with all of the above. Which is why Wattpad is such a good site.

The site has successfully published writers, aspiring writers, in progress of being published writers, and also big lovers of fanfiction. They even have their own awards, the Wattys, and the newly formed poetry competition called the Attys, which Margaret Atwood judged on with several others last.

The site is easy to use, but does suffer from some more simplistic features you would expect to find, and don’t. Although, with some forum help, it’s all solved, or mostly.

There is little formatting to do, and everyone is in the same boat with this; as you don’t have a choice. You have very simple features what you would expect, like bold, full screen, italicise. But no left, centre or right align. So everything is automated to be to at the left (for the title) and justified for the chapter’s paragraphs, and it is all already setup for double spacing. So you just write, or upload your chapter. Simples.

So, until I have the proper time to address getting my stories properly formatted, I am uploading EVERYTHING on Wattpad; and Wattpad is all free by the way. The reason I am doing this, is so I am always pushing, writing, editing; I have been a lot lazier than I like recently, and this way, it’s just all about the story, and not the hundreds of problems stopping them from being read.

So, here is the first in ‘The Observer Chronicles’: If you want to delve deeper, then fan me, as I have set certain chapters for private members only. But the story is all readable without having to do so. Enjoy:


PS: Wattpad has a really good app for tablets and phones, so you can read on the go!

That’s it from me.

Have a good week.



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