A Surprising Change.

Hi guys!

So, recently, I’ve been really into planning the things that I write. I find this really weird ’cause normally I’m more… Or I used to be more of a “why should I waste time planning when I could be using that time to write?” kind of person. But recently? I’m having too much fun actually planning. I might not ever get too far into writing he actual thing, but at least I’ll have plenty of notes for when/if I ever pick up that piece again.

Is planning supposed to be that fun though? I mean, I have a close friend whom I call my “twin” who I throw ideas at, and she throws ideas and suggestions back at me. It’s crazy fun. I didn’t realise planning could be fun? I wish I had though, I would’ve done more of it for past projects!

I also do a -little- research if I need to, but I don’t do a ton of it. I mean, I don’t do more than a couple of days worth; I don’t go crazy. Hell, I don’t think that I even do more than, at maximum, a couple of hours worth of research. And maybe that’s being generous.

I like to plan a bit and then write. If I need to research something, then I’ll research it then and there, if I can, but I try not to do loads ’cause the I spend more time reading than writing and I think that’s kind of counter-productive. If I can’t research right away, then I’ll make a note of it and do it when I’m able to.

Although, upon saying that, I can read articles on various websites for hours without realising it. Purely accidental and mostly for a fun, not really for research. I guess that I find research too… It reminds me too much of essays and school and… I find too much of it really rather boring! But that’s just my opinion. If research is your thing, then awesome – it’s just not mine.

So yes, I’ve been writing a lot, planning more and keeping up with my 500 words a day for the Year of Continuous Writing. I started notebook 31 on the 12th, so I’m actually doing well on that front; this notebook will probably take a little while to get through though, ’cause it’s got… 250 sheets in it I think. It’s one of those Pukka Pad project books, the ones with the removable dividers? Yeah, one of those, in A5 size. I’m making great strides in my “use up ALL the gel pens!” goal; I’ve only got about three Uniball ones to go, and then a handful of Zebra ones. After that, I get to go through my pen pots and my pencil cases to find more pens to burn through. It’s all really rather satisfying.

So… I think that’s nearly it. Oh! My year of Continuous Writing word count. Okay. So, my aim was to write 500 words a day, so technically I should be on about 24,000 words by the end of today. However, I am actually on 32,433 words, and I haven’t actually written anything today that I’d add to that. 32,433 words since March 1st. I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling rather pleased with myself right now. Heh.

Okay, that really is it now; see you next week!



Blog post word count: 588 words.


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