Round the Twist

Disclaimer – this post refers to Oliver Twist, not the awesome show I used to watch as a kid.

Last weekend, continuing my efforts to find things to keep me from going insane, I took part in a performance by our drama group, Maverick Youth Arts. We performed the stage version of Oliver Twist – not the musical, and despite most people’s disappointment that it wasn’t the musical, the show went really, really well. The acting was superb and the entire group pulled off something amazing.

It reminded me of one thing – it’s important to read books you read as a child and loved again at later points in your life. You’re always finding new references and things you missed, or were too young to understand. This goes true with a lot of things – some children’s television might have soured over the years but anything else is pretty much fair game for a re-analysis.

Apologies for the briefness of this post, but there’s a wedding between two good friends of mine this weekend and so naturally time is disappearing into a great void. See you all next week!


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