Music makes the world go round.

Music means many things to many people. Music moves us to write or (mostly) sing, dance, paint and so on.

This week I’m a bit short on ideas so I thought I would share some of my writing music with you. YouTube links available if possible.

Top Writing Songs.

Most of these will relate to my novel and come from the playlist I made specifically for that. (Not that I listen to it much anymore…)

  • Anything from the War Horse recording by Adrian Sutton and John Tams. This suite performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra highlights the best parts. I particularly like the sung parts of the War Horse score, because even though the story is set in a different county to my own, it captures the feel of the folky countryside perfectly.


  • War at Home by Josh Groban. I love Josh Groban (it’s not hard to) and this song, though not an exact fit with my storyline made me think of my novel the second I heard it. There’s no official video but this audio one will do.


  • All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers. This is another song that remind me of my novel and especially my main character. The video is a bit weird, but don’t worry about that.


  • Mostly anything by Mumford and Sons. I happened upon Mumford and Sons by chance and I’m so glad I did. From the videos I’ve seen of them live I don’t think much of their live performances but to listen to they are a joy. My favourite songs are The Cave, Reminder and White Blank Page. It was hard to narrow it down.


I also really love music from musicals, so here are some of those!


  • Stars from Les Miserables. My favourite version of Les Mis is the Complete Symphonic Recording (not that I should have a favourite version!) and I love Stars as sung by Philip Quast. Please don’t mention Russell Crowe or I may have to claw my eyes out.


  • Empty Chairs at Empty Tables also from Les Mis. While I liked Eddie Redmayne‘s version, Michael Ball‘s will always be my favourite.


  • Other musicals I also like are any Disney one, Bare, Hair, American Idiot, Next to Normal, Spring Awakening and Ordinary Days. This list is nowhere near exhaustive.

Sorry this was quite short but I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring some of the music I like and that helps me write.



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