Uh oh. I think she’s broken!

Hello folks!

How are you all? I hope you’re well. Me? Well, that’s the thing…

So, if you know me at all, you’ll know that I’m the stationery nut of my circle of friends right? So, technically, this week is MY SEASON – I mean, it’s National Stationery Week. So you’d think that I’d be in my element right? You’d think I’d be happy about this and celebrating… Well… No, not really.

As you’d expect, I do have wish lists. Of course I have, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have wish lists as long as my arm. But nothing is really jumping out at me. I’ve made one purchase that was was more out of… Obligation maybe? More of a “this person has the rest of these, and I can’t find them anywhere else, if I don’t get them now I won’t be able to find them again,” – that sort of thing. Not that whole “OMG! Want! Need!” Yeah, this is unusual for me. It’s weird and I don’t like it.

In somewhat related news; I’m thinking about rearranging my desk again. That’ll be fun. No, I’m actually serious. I enjoy sorting and tidying things. It’s for for me. I have to rearrange my notebooks again anyway; the stack of used ones touches the top of the shelf that they’re on and there’s no more space on top or next to them to keep them all together. So, rearranging must be done. And I’m half tempted to stack all the unused ones again to take a better photo; maybe even one of my short self next to the stack. Of course I’d need the boyfriend’s help with that. So yes. I might do that on Saturday or something; we’ll see when I’m able to get around to that.

Writing’s going well, I’m not reading again though, which kind of sucks. Well, not unless you count copious amounts of fan fiction, which I do. Ahem. I’m still writing at least 500 words a day, and that’s not including all the planning for various AU stories I want to write. Which is all I want to write at the moment, but hey, Alternative Universes are stupidly fun! Plus, they’re that step away from pure fan fiction and a step towards original fiction. The pens are getting used and thrown in the used pen cup (an empty pick n mix cup) and seeing that pen cup fill up is the most satisfying thing ever. We just won’t talk about the stupid amount of ink cartridges that I have to use up after the gel pens and the ink samples. Although, ink samples re easy to get through.

Apart from feeling oh so broken about stationery (a feeling that I think is disappearing quite quickly the more I think about it, hurrah!), all is well! Oh! Y’know, I might’ve just been rudely slapped around the face by next week’s post. That’s what listening to podcasts while you write does to you I suppose. It might be next week’s post, it might be for the week after. It depends how long it takes me to write it. We’ll see. Stay tuned for that.

So yes! Until next week folks!

Danni x


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