Not so ‘Super’

I apologise for missing the last two weeks, and Craig’s week! I am doing several courses at the minute and trying to keep up with them and the more mundane tasks at life we are all burdened with. I forgot so many times to post the blog that I decided I should walk away from it, but when I saw Lil last week :), she said I could do guest blogs, so I think that could work. Although it will be pot luck when I will and will not be posting each week.

Anyway, the title really says the dilemma here, which is probably trivial for everybody else, but not for me.

So–we have superheroes/villains, mutants, and metahumans, and the more recent one: Alphas.  I decided to call mine ‘supers’ in this Fatal Femmes novel, which really doesn’t sound so super.

‘Superheroes’ or ‘mutants’ are used in marvel; and of course metahumans in DC (which is just a replacement for mutants from Marvel if we are honest); metahuman was originally taken from George R. R. Martin in 1983 from a role-playing game called Superworld; so there you go.

It still leaves me stuck on what to call mine though. The term mutant fits, but because of the social status of the people who have power, they have refrained from calling themselves this. I don’t buy that you would want call yourself a mutant if you had the choice; it doesn’t fit overall. So I just referred to the people as super(s), which worked for a while, but realised this was basically taken from the Incredibles movie. So I ended up slapping myself when I realised this; I was meant to put my hands on my head and just went terribly wrong; as you do.

I have tried using a thesaurus for so many words; so that I can create my own group for something that resembles ‘mutant’, ‘metamorph’ or ‘alpha’. But I’m still finding it hard. It will come to me one day, but it might be a long time coming.

The only ones I’ve come up with that make sense are:

Triple Helix: Which I think sounds too much, but it also gets the point across about us having two helix strands in human DNA, thus meaning another would result into something extra: An EXTRAordinary ability could then take place.

Navic: Which simply means ‘extra’ in another language. Which works too, because the story isn’t about someone who is ‘super’ like Superman ( who is pretty much invincible); it is about harnessing and using their extra ability for a cause which could just as easily kill them. There is a great sense of danger every time they enter battle, and this affects each character differently; what is interesting about this, is the different coping mechanisms they start to develop for themselves, and not just as individuals, but as an entire team too.

For example: The shapeshifter Marie (or metamorph) begins to develop a complicated surge of anxiety every time she shifts back to herself; mostly because she starts to believe her worth is based upon being what other people want her to be (which is true in some sense); this leads her to not knowing the true person she is herself, and creates a coping mechanism to try to remain in her alternate forms as much as she can, ones other than her own; which in turn, creates even more destruction to her personality. I thought this was fascinating from my point of view, because I know we all feel this way in life. We may not all be metamorphs, but we know if we want something we have to change ourselves to get there–or usually. And it is hard to feel accepted for the people we are because of it. Some people are more luckier than others though at times.

So I guess I just need to wait until I feel I know I have made the right choice.

Till next time.



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