I wish to apologise for my recent absences on this blog. The combination of thinking of worthwhile subjects to write about, staying with my grandmother for a week while she’s away and other things I won’t bore you with have left me strapped for creative time.

I don’t know about my fellow bloggers but I find that writing works best as part of a routine. Writing should be a pleasure, not a chore or nagging responsibility, and breaking away from the routine to write can be as pleasing and productive as setting time aside from the routine to do so. In a way, they may both be the same thing – it’s entirely plausible to have a busy routine and get away from it by planning specific times to write. It all boils down to the writer’s own requirements.

Having just finished eight weeks of work experience, I find myself back in a less-productive routine, resuming my search for work while keeping myself busy with other things. Perhaps this time around will provide more inspiration to write. The key to a successful writing routine is knowing when you work at your best, and when you have to settle for just getting words on the page. Either way, I need a refresher course in both.


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