This  week I am here to talk about book marks, marks in books, books by Mark and marks by books.

I originally found this on youtube, but for various reasons, I can’t link to it right now. I shall endeavour to come back and amend this post with the link in due course.

Here goes:

1) What are you currently using as a book mark?

photo (2)I’m reading three books at the moment (though it’s actually probably more than this) and these are the three bookmarks I’m using. The one on the left was free, the one in the centre from a bookshop in Hay-on-Wye (where I spent a lot of money) and the one on the right was a present.

2) Best thing ever used as a bookmark?
Probably the one in the picture above from the Richard Booth Bookshop (which I also have a tote bag from which they gave me for free after spending so much). I just like the way it looks and feels. Bit weird, I know.

3) Weirdest thing ever used as a bookmark?
Probably a tissue. Don’t worry, it was clean!

4) Do you ever annotate/highlight/write in books?
I wrote a whole blog post about this a few weeks ago, so in brief, yes sometimes, depending on what it is. I am going to do it to my uni books once they arrive.

5) Share something you’ve found written in a library book/used book/book that didn’t belong to you?
This is the best example I could find. I looked through a lot of my books and apart from names, this was the only one with anything in. This is on the first page of a biography of Alexandre Dumas.

photoIt’s quite hard to read, but says “With all good Dumasian wishes, A. Craig Bell.” Wonderfully enough, A. Craig Bell is the author of the biography.

6) What books in your collection are by someone named Mark?
The only book I could find (in about 300) was  The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss.

7) What book has made the biggest mark on your life? (figuratively?)The easy answer here would be Harry Potter, as anyone who’s read my Dear Harry post would see, but I fear that it is a bit of a cop out. Harry certainly reintroduced me to reading (not that I ever really stopped), but only a slim part of my life is now directly influenced by Harry. If we can use the term book very loosely (and I hope we can) my true, ultimate ‘book’ that has made the biggest mark on my life is Tintin , more specifically probably Tintin in Tibet or The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham’s Treasure double story. As for adult books, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that Brideshead Revisited hadn’t had some effect on me. I think I have it to thank for the many books of the same era and earlier that I read now. Also, Jonathan Coe’s The Rotter’s Club for helping me read outside my comfort zone.

8) What book has made the biggest mark on you? (Literally – do you have any literary themed tattoos? If not, and if you had to get one, what would it be?)No, I don’t but let me direct you to this website, which is a gallery of literary tattoos. Some great, some not so, but still interesting. It’s been a point of thinking for me for some time. I can never settle on something I’m still going to love in twenty years. That said, I’d probably go for some sort of quote rather than a pictorial representation of a book.

9) Which book has made the biggest impact on your generation?
Harry Potter. Obvious answer, but true.

That’s all for this week! Would love my other bloggers to have a go at this too!



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