Character Arc/Development

I am back. Hello again!

I’m going to talk about character development this time.

If you are a rare subspecies who wants to avoid spoilers of my superhero story that will come out in about two to three years, then I advise not reading this post. It’s not possible to give details of this character’s development without some kind of spoiler.

My empath character was created because of my compassionate side; she is based a little on myself, and also on my mother; which is why she is called ‘Jacqueline’, because that is my mother’s name.

First of all, I knew this kind of character did not only have to be a part of the Fatal Femmes, but be an important character from a very different perspective on the team.

Each character has very different problems and perspectives, which is why I think this might become my biggest story so far. It works on so many levels with so many perspectives merged to create one entire story. And without delving into these perspectives nobody would understand their actions and reactions in the action scenes when they are all together.

Jacqueline was created to be the conscience of the team; the one with so much compassion and understanding of morals; these are not looked at as skills or even intelligence; but they can be honed to strengthen ourselves and those around us.

My mam has all of the above; there is no doubt my mother is a trooper! There will never be enough words to tell her how much she means to me. She has always been there for me. She has always worked her hardest to give her big family the best she can; I would be very lucky if I turned out to be half the person she is.

Okay, so here is the arc in bullet points:


Abilities: Empath; able to feel and sense other peoples emotions, inflict and make specific emotions arise on multiple targets within line of sight (or with one individual when not in line of sight). Can also hone on people she has come to know over time and track them from afar with what she calls ’empathic identity frequencies.’

  1. Jacqueline is introduced via the opposing team in school. The team it focuses on first is Iris, Lena and Lorna. Opposing team: Marie, Jacqueline and Eva. Also know in the story as the teams A-17 and A-27.
  2. Jacqueline and her team A-27 fight for the first time against A-17. Though no one wins technically (even though A-17 does on a combat and power basis) as the property is damaged by both teams, and is the main point in it; as the government doesn’t employ navics (supers) that destroy their property to rebuild and lose money over.
  3. The empath becomes out of tune with her ability for a few minutes in school in  a corridor; because of the mystical energies channeled through Iris (which is explained much later on), who walks past, subconsciously. When Iris goes to help, she is fully restored, which is explained later on why also.
  4. A-17 and A-27 end up in a bank heist together, and the criminals end up killing large amounts of people inside; A-17 figured out Jacqueline sent out a distressed empathic emotion to all those near, which made the team curious about the situation in the bank before they entered. Though both teams were driven to help, only the empath and A-17 could use their abilities because of the bands placed on navics in training; these are only activated in controlled rooms in school. But Lena creates a way around them; and psionics (a type of navic) like Jacqueline can use their abilities on different frequency waves to by pass them if really needed (though this is not known by the government yet).
  5. Iris is possessed by the goddess Hecate in the bank and seeks justice on those killed; the end of the scene gives both teams a very good reason to start working together, and essentially is Hecate’s view of the way she wants the world to see women now. But both teams see this is also a great way to manage these abilities in a much more people driven way, and also a positive way nobody has ever done before them.
  6. First time in real battle, Jacqueline realises that big numbers of enemies’ hate and fear fuel her own, and cause her rage to almost kill someone as she uses a combatant second skin Lena creates to enhance kinetic energy; this person becomes paralysed; they eventually become allies, and realise there is a much bigger plot by several groups of people at work though later on in the story.
  7. Jacqueline soon becomes very afraid of using her ability because of the last fight scene. She fears tuning in with her emotional empathic ability might lead her to actually kill someone someday. But also fears she will be of no value without her empathic senses; as it becomes the ground for the Fatal Femmes’ tactical intelligence in the field. So she turns to Lena for help, and begins to hope something can be done.

That’s all folks. There is a lot of spoilers in there. I still don’t want to reveal everything I’ve done and have planned; but you can see how she is starting to develop pretty well here; at least I would say so.

Thanks for reading folks

This is Jon saying… BYE. Waves.


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