Stories in Time

I was going to do this in a few weeks, but since Lil has talked about timelines, I thought I might as well too.

My Observer Chronicles have been changed around several times because of when they took place. So I decided to release and edit them in order; from the beginning of the timeline, to the last and its overall conclusion. Well most of them.

It makes it a little easier for me. Although I’m still working on a kind of prequel that is not attached to The Observer Chronicles at the same time; it’s more of a character development story than a prequel though. But she is mentioned briefly in ‘Dreamers’. Take it as you like I guess.

Anyway, here is the order in which the timeline runs:

Dreamers: Beginning of the timeline, in which Janice, Joe’s mum, becomes the central protagonist for ‘The Fairy Tale Complex later’; which is set when she grows up with her own parents (before). The antagonist, the ‘Devourer’, was called this purposely to show the relation to the later Devourers in ‘Fire that Withers’; as they are technically children of this book’s antagonist. Also, the shadow folk mentioned here are explained how they fit in later.

Silver Cathedral: This is when the Neon war starts on Astora. Which eventually explains how Astora has defended against the Neons and survived. Explains the origin of the sceptre of power.

Tribal Guard: This is when the Nexus Chamber is explained in detail. Plus, this is when it all starts to heat up on Earth. The protagonist encounters what will be ‘Fire That Withers’ and ‘Earth That Fills’ antagonist, recruiting the Devourers: Calibre Drake. There is also a reference that ties in where my superhero story is set (Earth Alpha), a parallel Earth that the protagonist notices the name of on her journey. The most important part–is that this story explains why the collection is called ‘The Observer Chronicles’.

Fatal Femmes: Set on Earth Alpha, a very different earth to our own. This is essentially a break from the overall story arc, and gave me a chance to develop something very different and exiting; I am enjoying writing this so much right now. This story is technically happening the same time as the ‘Tribal Guard’, but in another world.

177th Swan: Continues with the ‘Silver Cathedral’ story, and explains not only the importance of the 177th swan, but the treachery behind it. This story goes into depth how the Astorians will live and play a role in the last battle in ‘Earth that Fills’.

Fire That Withers: Earth has been hit–hard. The Edeolon warriors are sent there to stop the source of the Neons growing. They realise the magnitude of the war is bigger than they were told, and know they will not be enough to win it alone. Calibre Drake is revealed as the true antagonist, and reveals he has been planning and growing his armies for years. Pt1 of the climax.

Earth That Fills: Shadow folk are explained here and how they fit in with the Neons. People have fallen, some have been found, but the warriors must take the risk to travel to the word Adalas–to take out the last machine that is making all these Neon soldiers. The ones destroying all life around them. And with doing that, they must fight against Calibre Drake–with the sceptre of power. Pt2


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