Dude, even I’m impressed with myself.

Good morning ladies and gentlefolk.

So, if you follow me on Twitter, then you might’ve seen me sort of freaking out yesterday.

A week or so ago, I was sent a direct message on Twitter by The Pen and Paper Stationery Company. They wanted me to review one of the notebooks they sold. I was very “huh? Me? Really? Well that’s just aces, sure I will.” So I did. A couple of emails were sent backwards and forwards with suggestions and edits and it was posted online yesterday. (Words are mine, photos are not.)

Last week I stumbled upon a competition over at The Pen Company. So, I kicked open my blog at Tumblr and wrote and entry for them/it. Emailed them the link on the Friday and they Tweeted it/me yesterday. Exciting stuff really!

(As a side note: I linked my dad to both of these, and he said he was very impressed. That made my day to be honest.)

Look at me go, all over the web!

Anyway. I’m writing my little heart out – I’m not too far off of hitting notebook 33, which is fairly exciting to me. I’m filling up my empty gel pen cup quite quickly now too which is even more exciting. When the mug with the “still to be used” pens in is empty I get to go through my many, many pen cups/cases for pens to fill it up again.

And I seem to keep inking up my fountain pens while I’m trying to get through my gel pens and the pens that are already inked. I’m supposed to be narrowing all these down, not inking up more! Hmmm!

But I’ll work on that. “Burn through your gel pens” and “get through your ink samples” are two of the things on my resolutions list. And I think they’re both going okay. They’re the only resolutions on my long, long list that are going alright at any rate!

I don’t really have any other news, or any other topic to talk about, so I’m going to run away and run back to my writing/playing with sticky backed plastic (more on that another day).

Until next week!



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2 responses to “Dude, even I’m impressed with myself.

  1. Thanks for mentioning our competition Danni I really appreciate it.Drop me an email and maybe I can help you hit that magical 33 in your collection 🙂

    • kenounirenashin

      Your competition was fun to take part in! It’s the sort of thing I really enjoy.
      I’ll email you now 🙂

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