God or Boss?

Are you the god of your universe?

Choose one of your characters. If you’re not a writer and just browsing our blog for funsies, create one. How do you feel about them? What’s your connection?

Are you friends? Do they have a level of emotional complexity designed to be interested for specific story purposes, or for  general broad characterisation?

Are you their boss or their god?

People get attached to characters. People especially get attached to their own, the ones that aren’t used specifically for a plot device. The same goes for novels, short stories and even video games and roleplaying games. What if you’ve been playing X-COM and the squad member you’ve had since the start dies forever? What do you feel? How is this different to your own characters when writing a story?

Is their death ever worth it? Or is death a plaything in fiction?


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  1. As Yoda once said, “death is a natural part of life.” Which makes for natural conflict most people can relate to when reading fiction. That’s mainly why I use it, anyway. Plus, death has had an amazingly strong influence on my own life in the past, so I am a bit obsessed with killing off people I love. Because that’s what has happened–or is going to–in everyone’s life. I actually relate more to death than love in fiction. Sounds twisted, but that’s me for ya 😛

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