Today, I am sitting and waiting.

I’m writing this on Monday, because for once I want to be ahead of myself. (Also because I think tomorrow night is going to turn into another Smash marathon and I don’t want to waste any of that time!)

So, the waiting. The books I need to read for my MA are arriving some time this afternoon.

I don’t remember how far I’ve talked about doing an MA since I mentioned getting rejected from the first one. After I got rejected, I realised that not only the cost was absolutely ridiculous – £10,000 for the one I was rejected from as opposed to about £4,000 for the one I’m doing – but the practicality of doing a ‘distance learning’ degree which meant I still had to travel for study residences and so on was not really ideal.

At the end of August, another box is arriving at my house. My reading materials. I’ve started panic buying stationary already, even though I have far too much already.

My choice of university and subject was quite difficult. I wasn’t sure whether to continue with Creative Writing or to go a bit broader  with English, or even a different subject all together, since as long as you have a BA you can do pretty much any MA within reason. The choice of subject also depended on where I was going to go (or not go). Being able to stay at home and keep working was a pretty big factor. I’m not really willing to move away again and repeat the uni experience again. The only disadvantage of distance learning is that it usually takes twice as long (and somehow still costs half the price).

I finally decided on The Open University, because it’s the most convenient way of studying for me. I don’t have to give up my job to move somewhere else and study, I don’t have to worry about finding extra money to travel to residence weekends, I can dictate the time I spend working – as much or as little as I feel.

I shall keep you updated on the progress!



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  1. Pen

    Congrats on choosing a school!
    I’m about to enter my first year of college and it’s reassuring to hear everyone say that what major you pick for your B.A. doesn’t matter too much.

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