In which I sing a company’s praises and internally mock my own stupidity.

Hello folks.

A brief follow up first. That review I mentioned last week? I found out yesterday that Monsieur put it on their blog. How exciting!

Anyway. So, I’ve had a TWSBI Diamond 540 in Amber sitting in its box (well just in the plastic case, not the cardboard box as well, that would be rude) on my desk since Christmas. Sitting there, with my cherry red ’61 Chevvy Impala Hot Toys car perched on top (I love this thing), all un-inked and everything. You’d expect any other TWSBI I got to meet the same fate, right? Maybe. I guess I kind of did, which is why I was so surprised when I ended up inking my TWSBI Mini as soon as it arrived.

I actually have a theory though. The Diamond 540 is a little harder to get now, although there are still some coloured ones floating around. I didn’t want to screw it up, ’cause the TWSBIs are the most expensive pens I own. But that’s only ’cause I don’t have a Lamy Studio or a Pilot Vanishing Point yet. But those are on the list.

So, I recently inked up the Amber, wrote with it a bit and then took it all apart to clean it. Can I just say that I never want to have to take the thing apart ever again? Holy Swiss Cow that thing is a pain in the butt. Now, TWSBI supply you with a little metal wrench an a wee little bottle of silicone grease, as well as picture instructions on how the thing is made up so you can put it back together yourself. This in itself is something I think is ace. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to completely maintain your pen/s yourself. Being able to take them apart and put them back together yourself also helps you properly understand how it/they work too. Or at least, it did with me. (We’ll ignore the fact that I needed to go to YouTube to seek out a video on how to put them thing back together. I’m a visual person, I needed to see it. On that note, this is the video I ended up watching. The Goulets are awesome. I actually got my Amber from them too.)

But because the thing is essentially plastic, and the wrench is metal, it’s quite easy to be… Overly strong while trying to put it back together. Which is what I was, because I’m a halfwit, so now one of the connector pieces is a little bit… Hmn, mangled? It still works perfectly fine, but it concerns me. So I contacted TWSBI a few days ago and after a brief exchange of emails, they emailed me back today saying that they’ve sent out a replacement part. By registered airmail. Yesterday. For free. How’s that for customer service?!

So I’ve got the thing inked up and sitting in my fountain pen cup now. (I have far too many pen cups on this desk, I really do.) In addition to that, I seem to have acquired (thank you boyfriend) another four bottles of ink. 30ml Diamine inks to be precise (which came really quickly with a sample pack of cartridges that contained one of the colours I was dithering about, so aces. A+, would recommend and buy from again.) And three more ink samples from eBay. I’m supposed to be using these, not acquiring more.

#PenAddictProblems, seriously guys.

Until next week!



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2 responses to “In which I sing a company’s praises and internally mock my own stupidity.

  1. stationeryfan

    Where did you purchase the Iroshizuku Momiji ink from?

    • kenounirenashin

      A UK seller on eBay by the same of… ldcom2005 🙂 I’ve gotten most of my Iroshizuku samples from him.

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