In which I talk about reading.

Hello folks.

I think I’m attempting to spread myself too thin.

I have several ‘projects’ on the go at the moment; my everyday 500 words, this blog once a week, I’m trying to read a little more (more on this in a minute), I’m trying to journal a little more, I’m making my own diary insert/pages for my Filofax for next year (all by hand!), keeping up with keeping the room tidy (though I really must dust my desk again), getting through my ink samples, getting through my gel pens and attempting to get through my reams and reams of paper that I somehow keep acquiring. (I’m thinking I should actually attempt to make some mini notebooks out of some of it. Like I said I was going to do months ago? Yeah, I never actually did.)

The boyfriend got me an e-reader last week. Nothing fancy, just a Kobo Mini. It’s on sale in WHSmith’s at the moment, from about £49.99, down to about £29.99 (until the 30th I think, like an extended Father’s Day offer), but last week the staff got a special “have some money off for working so damn hard!” coupon that brought the Mini down to £19.99. (Which I believe was available for that weekend only?) I’d been talking about saving up for one, so he brought one home for me. And you know what? I actually kind of love it. It’s tiny, but not so small that it’s unusable. And you can change the font size so you don’t end up with like, six words per page on the screen. I ended up using it quite a bit on Sunday when we went to the boyfriend’s grandparents for the day. I can’t get over how small and light it is. It weighs practically nothing.

The Kobo store/website isn’t the best thing in the world, but I don’t think any e-reader website is going to be as easy to use as Amazon. But that’s okay, ’cause I can just download things as epub files of pdfs and put them on my Kobo that way. Actually, it’s much easier to browse the store on the device than on the Internet. Whoduvthunkit?

I’m not saying that I don’t have any books to read, because I do. I have… Way too many. Or maybe I don’t? It just looks like I have a lot because so many of them are as thick as a brick (I’m looking at you, Game of Thrones). And really, I find that quite intimidating. Which I find both annoying and stupid. I used to read books that thick for breakfast. Then again, I guess that’s what easy access to so much technology does to you? I don’t really know. I’m still very much in the “I can’t seem to spend time reading when I could be spending that time writing” camp. Which also annoys me ’cause apparently so many people think that you can’t be a proper writer if you’re not an avid reader too. Whilst I think this it utter bollocks (in my opinion), I do think I need to read more. I want to read more, I just find it difficult.

I’ve got a bunch of the free ebooks on the ereader at the moment, and I think the majority of them are crime novels. Which are not ones I’d pick up and buy in a book store. Admittedly almost every ebook I own was free. Books are expensive, and I’m just not sure about buying a book I might not even like? You can’t exactly go and exchange a book because you didn’t like it, and it’s not like there’s a trade in service anywhere other than Amazon for books. Also, physical books take up a lot of room. (Two reasons why I wanted an ereader – ebooks are generally cheaper and obviously an ereader doesn’t take up very much space, even if it’s one of the more regular sized ones.) So yeah, I think the e-reader is a good thing.

I mean, it’s not going to stop me buying the occasional physical book, because that would be silly. It’s the same as the whole… Digital music download versus physical CD thing. I don’t mind downloading music, but I’ll go and buy a physical disc if it’s an album by a favourite artist. You’ve got to support your favourites.

Anyway. I’m going to leave you with a quote, which I think I copied down right. I hope I did. I’m not sure where I read it either though.

“Books are no more threatened by Kindle [ereaders] than stairs by elevators.” ~ Stephan Fry.

Until next week!



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2 responses to “In which I talk about reading.

  1. I hummed and hawed for ages before I bought my Kindle but in the end I’ve never regretted owning it. I did worry that it might eat into my owning of physical books, but between the costs of eBooks by big publishers (when I was looking into buying the first Harry Dresden novel, the eBook was only £1 less than the physical one…) and the fact that books have all the smells and textures that the Kindle doesn’t, I’m buying just as many as ever.

    I’ll say though that the thing my Kindle HAS introduced me to is small-press publishers and indie writers. I’m reading (and loving) so many books I’d never otherwise have had the chance to see. Congratulations on your lovely Kobo (and your awesome boyfriend), I hope you get much joy (and many fantastic books) from it!

    • kenounirenashin

      Hello 😀
      Yes, I’m finding that I’m looking at more crime novels now I have an ereader. Considering the fact that I -watch- so many crime shows, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I read crime books too XD I didn’t, but I’m trying to now 🙂
      Luckily, the (almost) mother in law reads loads so there’s some lying around the house. Free books!
      (And yes, I have an awesome boyfriend. Ican’t believe how lucky I am. I mean, he buys me stationery and an ereader 😀 )

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