Mostly an update regarding the YoCW.

Hi folks!

How are we all?

I’m good. I’m tired, but overall I’m pretty good. Writing is… Slow, actually. Handwriting is hard. I’m still getting the 500 words done before I fall into bed every night. I haven’t done today’s words yet, but as of last night… I’m on 67,432 words. I should “only” be on about… *Checks file* 55,000 words. So I’m a good 12,432 words ahead of myself. Holy crap. I didn’t realise I was that far ahead. Yay! Anyway. I’ve been typing a little bit in addition to my 500 words and I think I had a night where I typed about 2,000 words (of an exclusive edit of a fan fiction I’m writing. That was very much an ‘for your eyes only’ for my twin, ’cause she’s uber supportive, encouraging and awesome.) It was much easier than handwriting. But, I said I’d do this Year of Continuous Writing thing by hand, so that’s what I’m going to do. I set myself a goal and I’m going to stick to it. Plus, as I’ve said before, it helps me get through pens and notebooks. (Or at least, that’s what I hope.) Unfortunately I seem to be picking the thicker notebooks to use at the moment, so it means that I’m not getting through them so quickly. The pens are a different matter though, so I guess that’s okay.

I’m currently using a hard-backed, spiral bound Pukka Pad Project Book (with the dividers taken out). I purchased a three pack from Amazon awhile ago and covered them in wrapping paper I got from Paperchase. To be honest, I’m actually fairly impressed with myself. I’m on the third (and final) of these notebooks and I’m writing the same fan fiction in it. And I’m writing it linear instead of my old “chopping and changing, scene and snippets” style that I used to write like. (Also, that’s a terribly worded sentence, I’m sorry.) I like the fact that I seem to prefer writing linear now. It makes me fairly happy.

Reading isn’t going too well – I’d rather write than read? But when I do sit down to read, I read quite a bit so I guess that balances itself out a bit?

I had a minor panic moment the other day. The whole “look at all this paper I have, how am I ever going to get through it all?!” sort of moment. (‘Cause apparently I don’t worry about pens anymore, which is something!)

Other than that… Not a lot to report, really!

Next week, I’m either going to be doing my own take on ‘Fountain Pens for Beginners’ or I’m going to talk about the set up of the organiser I use for collecting together all my writing ideas and stuff. I haven’t decided yet. But it should, more than likely, be one of the two. Probably the fountain pens one, as I do want to write more about stationery, it’s just coming up with ideas and putting them together.

Or I’m open to other suggestions, so feel free to drop one in the comments and I’ll pop it on my list.

Until next week folks!



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2 responses to “Mostly an update regarding the YoCW.

  1. Pen

    What is the “And I’m writing it linear instead of my old “chopping and changing, scene and snippets” style that I used to write like”?

    • kenounirenashin

      I mean, I used to write a scene here, a scene there; all the best bits and never anything too boring. I never used to go from A to Z. Which is how I’m writing now.
      Is that what you mean?

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