Goverment Game

Below is a poem I had the strong urge to write. In fact, it was hard not to write. I know it’s short. But you need to read between the lines to get a proper understanding of it. It’s called: Government Game:

The government makes the rules

They control everybody’s jewels

They make life about money

And why it’s as sweet as honey

Debt is how we survive

Our monetary system is how people will eventually lose their sense of pride

There will be no light

As profit will make them fight

There are still people with such little life

That all they ask for is tonight

War will always be upon us

As currency is a system of mighty basics

Our most profitable game

Is the fighting that makes this flame

And yet there is always more

So much more to gain

So what do we do?

We decide to leave this disastrous plane

And yet—people ask

Why is there still so much pain

That’s all. Thanks. Until next time.



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