Rewrites and writing

The thing I’m going to talk about will be familiar to my fellow bloggers as it’s something we spent a long time studying at university, and that is the rewrite.

Rewriting classic texts for modern audiences is not a new idea, but there seem to be a lot of modern books that take on that idea. The rewrite can be as obvious as “this book uses the same characters and settings but tells the story from a minor character’s point of view” to as broad as “it’s sort of the same idea, but that’s about it.”

For my MA, two of the books I have to read are Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe and Foe by J.M Coetzee. Foe is the supposed retelling of Robinson Crusoe, but having not read that yet I can’t comment. The premise of Foe is actually a really good idea but the execution is not so great. It’s a really short book though, so perhaps it will pick up soon.

For the third time in my academic career, I’m going to be studying Jane Eyre. I absolutely detest Jane Eyre and have since I studying it at secondary school. This time round I want to force myself to like it. The only problem with studying Jane Eyre is that universities seem to insist on studying Wide Sargasso Sea too, which I will be reading yet again. I don’t like that either.

The Shakespeare is the thing I’m most worried about, mainly because I have real trouble understanding what it is actually about. It’s all very well seeing the story on the surface, but I find there’s always an extra layer when it comes to the bard! And it’s not even one of the fun plays I get to read!

The fact that I’ve already studied the idea of rewrites and have actually studied some of the texts before will probably help. We probably had an entire term (or possibly more, correct me if I’m wrong bloggers!) of learning about rewrites in a module that was called “The Fiction Cycle” (clever, eh?). I’m going to find it really weird to get back into writing essays but I’m sure I’ll get it eventually. The time management thing is going to be the hardest, as before I literally had nothing else to do except finish uni work, apart from maybe going to lectures, eating and doing washing. Now I actually have responsibilities, it’ll be a task!

That’s all for this week!


So! I’ve started a new “project” (I daren’t call it a book just yet!) so I shall keep you updated with word count.

Current count: 2,349



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  1. kenounirenashin

    A whole term? It felt like years! And that was just on WSS alone *groans* kill me now.

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