In which I cave in and show off a Filofax.

. . . Well, a Paperchase branded one anyway.

Hello folks.

So, I’ve been meaning to do this for a little while, actually. I think some people expected me to show off the inside of my personal Filofax, but that thing has so many pockets I don’t quite know how to show them off on photos (and I don’t have a) the courage or b) the equipment to do a video). So I’ll work on that.
Instead, I’m going to show you the inside of the binder I use to horde all my bits of paper related to my writing.

So. Here it is.


This is an A5 Paperchase de-bossed binder in teal. I think the photo makes it look a little lighter than it is. If you look at the darker bit on the birds, that’s about a true to life colour. I think. It’d been sitting in its box for a little while until about two weeks ago. I thought the ring mechanism was a bit… Wobbly? so I didn’t use it. But a couple of weeks ago I filled it up and turns out it’s not quite so wobbly. So I got over myself and started using it.

Now, I’ll show you the inside covers then the actually inside guts.

Here’s the inside front cover:


You can see a zip section that goes the width of the card slots, of which there are five and an ID slot, then there’s one full height pocket behind it.

The back has a “notepad slot” (sort of), a back pocket and a pen loop. (And yes, that is a Pilot G2 you can see there. That’s in the peacock green/blue colour I love so much. And yes, it goes very well.)


I should say that these pockets, and the pen loop; they are quite tight. I think there might be cardboard in-between the two layers of the PU like material, which doesn’t help with the pockets. And actually, the pen loop isn’t too bad. It’ll fit a pen without a grip. So I need to find a pen that will take my G2 refill that doesn’t have a grip, which is a shame ’cause I like the standard G2 body. I might just have to buy another G2 and take off the grip to see what that’s like.

So! That’s that. Let’s look at the actual guts now.


That plastic thing you can see above the tabs is a zip wallet. You can get them in a pack of 5 from Paperchase for £3, which I think it fantastic. You do have to re-punch them ’cause they’re made to fit the Paperchase A5 three ring binder systems, but eh, that’s not a big deal. I use it to store a bunch of pictures that inspire me, and random scraps of paper.

Anyway. I have seven tabs (I’ll show you a photo of one in a minute). They’re labelled as follows:
~ Ink – for me to test out fountain pen inks on paper. More to record them for records sake than to use in the binder.
~ Notebooks – I record the notebook number, what I’ve written in it; the number of pieces, the number of pages and the number of words. For each piece I note down a brief breakdown like the subject, the date, the number of pages and the number of words. It saves me digging around to look through my notebooks. I can just look at this section instead.
~ Charts – What it says on the tin. Word count charts for example, like ones for NaNoWriMo and the YoCW.
~ Ideas – where I note down the basic, basic bones of any ideas I have.
~ Plotting – where I flesh out those ideas. I don’t have a photo of it, because that would show you the pages of planning I’ve done and I’m not comfortable doing that, but to separate the plotting pages of each different story, I use these adorable little clips, staggered along the top. I love those, they’re adorable. (And I need to get some more, actually.)
~ Other – this one is currently empty, save from a few sheets of paper.
~ Blank – this has a bunch of paper behind it too, and no label.

The paper in this thing is Clairefontaine. I purchased about four of these exercise books with grid paper, took the staples out, cut the sheets at the fold and then trimmed them by hand. (I wish I’d purchased a paper cutter for that.) All my pages have rounded corners with I kinda like.

My dividers look like this:


And those sticky notes from The Works are what I used, along with some sellotape. (Excuse the elastic band, it just keeps the yellow ones from falling out.) The plastic I used for the actual dividers came from a ten subject, spiral bound A4 notebook (with like, 400 pages) from WHSmiths – I made dividers from dividers, so to speak. I’m pretty sure it was just like, a WHSmiths branded one, not a Pukka Pads one or anything (I found the dividers in those a bit… Flimsy.) I even made a few rulers/page markers out of some of the leftover bits.

So yes! That’s my writing binder in a nut shell. I suppose it’s more of a “storage” binder than anything else.

And hey, next time I do something like this, I might even show off my Holborn. We’ll see.

In other news, it’s my wonderful, tolerant boyfriend’s birthday today. Happy birthday to him 🙂

Until next time folks!



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3 responses to “In which I cave in and show off a Filofax.

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of content in a file, and very organised too. I pray you never lose it! I ordered a notebook recently, but I’m going to use it as a quite ideas outlet, and some planning before my daily writing sessions. All the best with everything!

    • kenounirenashin

      It’s filled with paper but it’s not all covered in writing XD There’s a good… Half inch, at least of plain paper in there. But I like to keep it all together. Gives me less headaches. It stays at home too, so I don’t think I’m going to lose it. I scribe things in a notepad or on my phone if I have ideas and I’m out. I then transfer them over when I get home. I just wish the rest of my life was as organised!
      Thank you for the comment and the like! 🙂

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